The Tuesday Club: Ain’t Got No Class


    Just as you think the year is slowing down ready for seasonal celebrations one band is set on riling up the country before it is ready with their mischievous riot of punk n roll disguised as new single Ain’t Got No Class. The miscreants in question are Walmington-on-Sea, UK aural rioters The Tuesday Club; a group of wickedness which has become are new favourite confrontation.

The Tuesday Club is a new band consisting of punk reprobates who were born within the expanse of time between 1957 and 1984, the combination of members bringing a range of experience and maturity which is out to give and have fun whilst creating music they pour their heart into and with all seriousness.  The new single follows the well received 3P EP and surely once its naughty wonder sets to work on the nation, the mysterious octet of Andreas Vanderbraindrain, The Minx, The Beautiful Wolf, Dave Worm, Fabulous Glaborous, J Rod, Jerry Berry, and Titti Bartelski  will find themselves the centre of a full attention.

“If Roxy Music were doing the Rocky Horror Show, they’d sound like this” has been one description of the band and sound  and one can see why but as Ain’t Got No Class goes to work, the track for us plays like a wanton orgy between Alberto Y Los Trios Paranoias and The Tubes with extra devilry from Kitty Hudson. The song takes no time in laying addictive hooks and syrupy melodic grooves upon the ear whilst vocalist Vanderbraindrain and lyrics are as wanton and irrepressible as the sounds. The romping keys and female vocals add to the teasing almost taunting swagger of the track and the song as a whole just leaves a big grin on the face and in the heart.

Accompanying the song on the single is another party of bruising attitude and knavery. Brief and insatiable New Regime [punked] is vintage punk rock, uncomplicated, direct and offering a hell of a lot of easy to devour fun. Before spend all your pennies on gifts for others grab one for yourself courtesy of The Tuesday Club.

RingMaster 07/12/2012

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