Sin Of God: Limbus


Canadian label PRC Music have really pulled out the stops to make the end of year a brutal yet special time for death metal. Firstly they have re-introduced the world and genre to the outstanding album Reign Of Lunacy from Quebec legends Goregust with its re-release and on the same day shown that current bands can be just as impressive and inspiring with the release of Limbus from Hungarian band Sin Of God. If you were struggling of what to ask for from the fat bloke in the red suit than you could do far worse than plumping for either titanic releases.

Limbus is exceptional, a bruising and intimidating encounter which rises to outright brutality and startling enterprise throughout, well for all of its presence to be honest. The band blends a sensational mix of technical death metal with old school with no reluctance in offering a groove or two which are more contagious than any viral outbreak. Sin Of God is recommended to all who like bands such as Nile, Behemoth, Immolation, and Morbid Angel, but they offer plenty more which is sure to capture the imagination of all extreme metal fans. It is a striking hybrid which merges the true essences of varied genres into something which ignites imagination and passion alike.

The based quintet was formed  by guitarist/vocalist Laszlo Pall and drummer Balázs Botyánszki , expanding to a stable line-up in 2009. The following year saw the recording and release of first release Satan Embryo which brought the band strong recognition in the Hungarian underground scene. It was just the beginning as the band went from there to touring with Brazilians Infested Blood, being placed in the top ten out of 400 bands in the Talentométer competition, and becoming one of the biggest forces in the underground scene in their homeland. It was at this point guitarist Szabolcs Molnár joined the band as well as a new vocalist. Sin Of God went on to share stages with the likes of Benighted, Nethirbird, Smashed Face, Krow the Sanatorium,the Scorned, and the Casketgarden before next recording debut album Limbus and signing with PRC for its release. Once into the ears of the world it is doubtful things will be the same for the band again, Pall, Botyánszki, Molnár, bassist Ferenc Vörös, and vocalist Balázs Lévai surely finding 2013 will be a year of demands and more acclaim upon their inventive heads.

The first thing to note with Limbus is the outstanding vocals, the malevolently soaked impressively cultured guttural growls and limbus_lowblack hearted squalls quite brilliant. The bio for the band leads one to think Lévai joined after the recording of the album and if so it is a shame we could find no credit to the actual singer as he is a staggering force and talent, and if it is Lévai than all praise to the man. Not that he is the sole talent on show, the craft and ingenuity of the guitarists is breath-taking and imaginatively resourceful whilst the drums of Molnár leave a wasted husk in their skilled and destructive wake. The bass of Vörös too inspires only immense accolades in his direction, the band and release triumphant in all aspects from songwriting, its interpretation and delivery to sheer ferociousness.

From a brewing intro with an inviting guitar lure and telling bells the title track seamlessly leans in, the album seizing instant hold on thoughts and ears; the soon smothering assault of concussive drums and sonically twisted riffs soon  quite irresistible. The track is an abusive delight with grooves which lick the senses with serpentine tongues and an intensity which leaves one overwhelmed and shell shocked. Actually it is probably not the most brutal confrontation  you will encounter but from its towering power and invention is sheer erosion to devour.

The following Kill The Irreligious equals the start with its flesh scorching sonics and rapier like rhythms though both are exceeded by the excellent Demonshrine. It is a ravenous brawl on the psyche, unrelenting for its first third before showing respite…in the shape of a nasty yet delicious grooved spear of sonic manipulation soon joined by the again storm of intensity. It is a magnificent violation blessed throughout with fiery guitar weaves and poison vocals.

The likes of the senses worrying waspish Eucharist, the violently carnivorous Bloodlust, and especially the brilliant Yearn Of Lesions too reach the highest pinnacles though without fear of contradiction every song on Limbus is well within their triumphant heights. The last of the three and maybe best song on the album, though the choice changes with each listen, is another treacherous yet seductive testy malefaction  which irritates like a giant hornet whilst bringing the fullest sonic orgasm of pleasure.

The release also comes with six bonus tracks which we sadly did not have access to but there is no reason to doubt that they will only enhance the already staggering release. If you had doubts whether modern death metal has any heart or imagination left in it than just dive into Limbus to alleviate those fears. Sin Of God is going to be huge!

RingMaster 03/12/2012

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