Bingo: Ett grindslagsmål I 2 delar


    Offering 23 abrasions in just over 25 minutes, Ett grindslagsmål I 2 delar is a ferocious grindcore assault which is not for the faint hearted. Unleashing the rawest and most chaotic mass of sonic bruises the album is a debilitating collection of tracks from Swedish grindsters Bingo brought together in one lethal release. It is a festering expanse of spiteful venom, merciless aggression, and insidious invention. It does not play nice, or fair, but for fans of the genre the album is an eagerly awaited and rewarding intrusion.

Bingo is/was a band formed in 2004 consisting of bassist Ivan Hermansson (now in raw punkers Lars Adaktusson), vocalists Anders Nordberg (now with crust band Eskatologia and also Lars Adaktusson) and Gerda Berglund (now ‘screaming’ for Misantropic), drummer Anders Inga (now in hardcore band Kidnapped), and guitarist Johan Larson (now in hardcore act Spela Snabbare). The band entered the studio in 2006 for what was intended to be their debut album Mer grind än din morsa (More grind then your mother). Shortly after recording the tracks Hermansson left and was replaced by Petter Karlsson (now guitarist with Lars Adaktusson). 2008 saw the band recording the follow-up release with legendary underground producer Erik Lindbergh, and it is both recordings which get their proper release as the double grind album Ett grindslagsmål i 2 delar from Discouraged Records. The tracks have been remastered to gain a consistency across the expanse of the album but without removing the raw harshness which makes them stand out and be so effective.

The release is a caustic onslaught with extra crust tendencies which takes no prisoners sonically or lyrically, the tracks dealing with bingo-album1400x1400the likes of politics, social issues, and the greedy consumer led society man has become, or simply as the promo states it is ’the soundtrack to your job resignation, your defence speech for a meat free lifestyle, or why not a “fast” tutorial to political activism.’ The vocals are a constant squall of energy and spite which thrust forth the predominantly real life story based songs and though sung in Swedish the emotion and anger is undisguised, even if the actual content is unavailable for us of limited language skills. As mentioned the album is for true genre enthusiasts but also offers plenty one suggests, to grab the attention of extreme noise fans everywhere.

The tracks at first engagement offer a similarity across the album, the surface sound cored by a constantly sapping attack but bravery rewards and determined venture into the release in time and effort reveals a wealth of variety and invention, you just have to work for it and swim against the sonic tide. The twin male and female vocals is the first notable thing about the band, the pleasing vocal attack an excellent distinct proposition which arguably can be best described as a violent union of Iwrestledabearonce and The Agonist. Behind them the sounds are a caustic maelstrom of violence occasionally speared by destructive grooves and shards of discord caked melodies. It is a compulsive combination which many will fear and just as many will revel in.

Highlights on an album which is maybe surprisingly high on consistency for so many crippling brief furies, arrive first with the twistedly grooved En Dor Cirkus Dar Folk. The song is immediately addictive as the serpentine groove entrances the ear whilst rhythms, riffs, and vocals unleash their barbarous intent. The longer it stays around, barely a minute actually and shorter than it took to write this particular paragraph, the more searing and nasty it becomes to result in a very satisfying encounter.

The punk riot of Jag Ville Hångla Men Började Slåss steps to the fore next soon followed by the best two tracks on the release in Gröna Vågen är wiped and Valkommen. The first of the pair is a stream of intensity built to waste the senses but beneath the fire there is a persistent drone like groove which wins the day as it climaxes the song accompanied by a sampled vocal piece. It is intriguing and openly different to what came before and what follows. The second is an infectious again punk driven track which reminds of bands like the Buzzcocks, its melodic hook irresistible, though at barely a few seconds long it could not go wrong.

Further peaks come with the sensational slight folk/progressively tainted Ålidhem, the contagious metal hooked For Istället Musik – Organisering with a great bass performance, the rampaging Grind Mot Reindfelt, and closing track Cancersvulst Kan Du Va Själv. Overall though the album is a great tempest of unbridled noise and passion which will be a pleasing treat for grindcore and extreme metal fans though maybe not quite as appealing for others.

RingMaster 30/11/2012

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