Johnny Wore Black: Up in Flames

Up In Flames, the second single from Brighton based band Johnny Wore Black, is one of those songs which just ignite a lustful need to know and hear more about the artist behind them. It is a stirring slab of rock music which fires up (I could not resist) the imagination whilst thrilling the senses with sinewy strength and melodic enterprise.

Formerly The Jay Harley Band, and led by Jay (Johnny) Coen, Johnny Wore Black found great critical acclaim with debut single All The Rage, a track released in conjunction with Help For Heroes to raise funds for Help for Heroes, and Combat Stress, and given a remix re-release for Remembrance Day 2012. The track brought them strong attention and coverage through the likes of Metal Hammer, Revolver, Music Week and ITV News. The new single is sure to enjoy the same responses to its muscular and well-crafted thoughtful enterprise whilst brewing great anticipation for a forthcoming album.

Like its predecessor, Up In Flames features David Ellefson from Megadeth on bass, his distinctive touch adding extra spice to a flavoursome treat. The song rises into life like feisty embers, its sonic emergence behind a precise guitar opening into a restrained stroll. Riffs are firm and compulsive yet reserved alongside beckoning vocals and teasing melodic mastery, all enthralling as they wait for the lighting of the touch paper to the surging energy which fuels the infectious chorus. The track has the same immense presence of Deftones atmospherically fused with the warm elegance of A Perfect Circle, the impactful passion of Tool, and the melodic hunger of a Soundgarden. It is a strikingly impressive sound which feeds all appetites for muscular rock through to powerful and passionate incitement. As expected the hypnotic invention of Ellefson stands out but no more so than the fiery guitar craft and the anthemic presence to the chorus and excellent vocals as a whole. The climactic moments building to the incendiary outbursts too are equally contagious and irresistible, making the song an insatiable pleasure from start to finish.

As mentioned Up in Flames alone makes the eagerness for debut album Walking Underwater intense but after hearing the outstanding track Noise, a new song from the band which was sent through with the single, the wait to taste its delights will be without doubt impatient. There are a few bands in the UK on the brink of major recognition at home and worldwide, to that list you can now add Johnny Wore Black.

RingMaster 25/11/2012

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