The Lights: Days Don’t Get Me Far Enough Away

It is fair to say country music is a genre which gets short thrift here, its sounds as appealing as a salt rub on the eye ball. Despite that we have to say that Days Don’t Get Me Far Enough Away the new single from UK band The Lights, is one rather enjoyable piece of pop which had us humming its infectious charm throughout the day upon encountering its melodic enterprise.

Following on from their acclaimed album Teenager of the Century, the single completes a year for the band which has seen them build on the success of the full length release with successful festival and gig appearances as well as enthused play across national radio shows. October saw the quintet from Birmingham sign a deal with Integrity Records for the release of the new single to complete twelve months which could be said to have been a whirlwind of endeavour and positivity.

The single opens with vibrant beats from Woz Meadows, rhythms which have a unique swing to their gait, and crystalline guitar teases from Dan Tombs. It is an engaging entrance soon elevated by the wonderful emotive vocals of Liz Sheils perfectly supported by the warm tones of acoustic guitarist Shaun Kelly and the caring compelling bass caresses of Gaz Worton. It all combines for a heated romp equipped with a western twang and passionate breath. It is without doubt the dazzling voice of Sheils which steals the show but the song and sounds wrap around her aural heart with tenderness, great craft, and just a glimpse of mischief to their teasing presence. It is a rich and pleasing sound driven by a contagious pop essence which will easily delight many more than just genre fans.

Accompanied by a fun video featuring DJs Janice Long, Alex Lester, Jeremy Vine, and Chris Hawkins, Days Don’t Get Me Far Enough Away, whilst not probably a song which will take precedence over other personal taste pleasing sounds, certainly will not outstay its welcome when it does get its chance to play within these ears. For country pop fans though, The Lights have a real treat in store.

RingMaster 23/11/2012

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