All She Wrote: Weathered

Since forming around a year ago, London band All She Wrote has built a strong following around the capital and south east of England. From continually impressive shows, the quartet of Connor Crooks (vocals), Jonny Page (lead guitar), Tommy Shillibeer (rhythm guitar), and Marc Smith (drums), have set themselves up as ones to watch with their muscular alternative rock laced with influences from the likes of  Bring Me The Horizon, Young Guns, and The Blackout. November 26th sees the band releasing their debut single nationally, a track which suggests recognition further afield will be swift and eager.

Weathered is the first taster of the band before they unveil their first EP which they are currently working on. It is a track which is full of promise and craft, a melodic and bruising slice of post hardcore veined alternative rock brought with accomplish and precisely honed enterprise. The song opens on enticing guitar caresses before being joined by sinewy riffs and firm rhythms. The track then takes a brief sigh before opening up into emotive vocals across the again inviting melodic invention and heavily shod basslines and attention grabbing drums. It is an energetic stroll with an infectious breath with a short respite for an expressive aside an extra pleasing evocative persuasion.

Arguably from the certainly impression song, it can be said All She Wrote is still searching for a distinct and unique sound for themselves but as the single proves they stand side by side with the best of the similarly gaited bands around right now with skilled ease.

With a UK tour being planned for 2013, All She Wrote continue to be a band to keep an eye on, now with the release of Weathered it will just be many more visions that will keep them in their gaze.

RingMaster 23/11/2012

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