The Hidden Revolution: Useless Noises EP

With the release of their debut EP Perfectly Motionless last year, Rochdale, UK band The Hidden Revolution has been followed by acclaim and enthusiasm for their expressive and compelling sounds. The past year has been a strong flow of attention which saw the release acclaimed EP of the ear in some media and receive solid airplay across national and independent radio shows. The band now returns with its successor in the impressive shape of the Useless Noises EP to fire up expectations that the rise of the band will only continue with headier gusto.

Released November 25th, the four track release is a vibrant and enticing collection of intelligent ideas and creativity. It also sees the band find a ‘livelier’ energy to their music without diminishing the emotive power which marked their debut. It is a release which shows the quintet of vocalist and guitarist Chris Wise, guitarists Leon Brierley and Dale Harrop, bassist Ian Sanderson, and drummer Jon Clarke, as a band unafraid to experiment with their sound whilst offering an open heart in all songs.

The title track is the first song to engage the ear and is a real treat, as well as the best song on the EP. It opens as it means to go on, eager choppy riffs and mesmeric melodic teases jumping around and enveloping the impressive vocals of Wise. It is an immediate pleasure, the excited infectious sounds and feisty rhythms from bass and drums, irresistible making it impossible to prevent agitated limbs and voice from joining the fun. It is not a riot pace wise but drives with a strong canter to fire up the senses as much as the warm and staccato lined sonic imagination. There is a slight familiarity to the song though not for any obvious reason but it simply adds to the joy.

Bones follows with a less sweeping gait but is certainly equal in quality and invention. Once again as with all the tracks, the voice of Wise is stunning, his captivating tones and delivery as attentive upon the ear as the stylish thrilling sounds. From the relatively easy going start the song rises into a delicious waltz of a stance, guitars and rhythms juggling with the senses to leave them gasping with satisfaction whilst the lyrics match the smart and intensive imagination brought by the music. By its end the track is as energetically seductive as its predecessor to gratifyingly continue the excellent start.

Musically the band can be best described as a blend of Radiohead, Doves, and early Muse, and third track Symbolise is the most potent with these essences. It is a glorious landscape of rising crescendos and sonic sunsets, the warmth and dazzling melodic rays which soak it as bewitching as they are impacting. The song is a fascination which invites thoughts and visions with skilled ease whilst lighting up the passions as elegantly. Though not as ‘zealous’ as the previous pair, the song has a deep texture and tight embrace which achieves an equal rapture.

Completed by a piano and vocal caress of Perfectly Motionless, the Useless Noises EP is an excellent encounter to light up any heart and day. Whether the band has a sound which immediately lifts them away from the crowd is debatable, but if not that will come, and to be honest with a release this pleasing it is hard to make an issue of it anyway. Go and enjoy.


RingMaster 23/11/2012

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All She Wrote: Weathered

Since forming around a year ago, London band All She Wrote has built a strong following around the capital and south east of England. From continually impressive shows, the quartet of Connor Crooks (vocals), Jonny Page (lead guitar), Tommy Shillibeer (rhythm guitar), and Marc Smith (drums), have set themselves up as ones to watch with their muscular alternative rock laced with influences from the likes of  Bring Me The Horizon, Young Guns, and The Blackout. November 26th sees the band releasing their debut single nationally, a track which suggests recognition further afield will be swift and eager.

Weathered is the first taster of the band before they unveil their first EP which they are currently working on. It is a track which is full of promise and craft, a melodic and bruising slice of post hardcore veined alternative rock brought with accomplish and precisely honed enterprise. The song opens on enticing guitar caresses before being joined by sinewy riffs and firm rhythms. The track then takes a brief sigh before opening up into emotive vocals across the again inviting melodic invention and heavily shod basslines and attention grabbing drums. It is an energetic stroll with an infectious breath with a short respite for an expressive aside an extra pleasing evocative persuasion.

Arguably from the certainly impression song, it can be said All She Wrote is still searching for a distinct and unique sound for themselves but as the single proves they stand side by side with the best of the similarly gaited bands around right now with skilled ease.

With a UK tour being planned for 2013, All She Wrote continue to be a band to keep an eye on, now with the release of Weathered it will just be many more visions that will keep them in their gaze.

RingMaster 23/11/2012

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The Lights: Days Don’t Get Me Far Enough Away

It is fair to say country music is a genre which gets short thrift here, its sounds as appealing as a salt rub on the eye ball. Despite that we have to say that Days Don’t Get Me Far Enough Away the new single from UK band The Lights, is one rather enjoyable piece of pop which had us humming its infectious charm throughout the day upon encountering its melodic enterprise.

Following on from their acclaimed album Teenager of the Century, the single completes a year for the band which has seen them build on the success of the full length release with successful festival and gig appearances as well as enthused play across national radio shows. October saw the quintet from Birmingham sign a deal with Integrity Records for the release of the new single to complete twelve months which could be said to have been a whirlwind of endeavour and positivity.

The single opens with vibrant beats from Woz Meadows, rhythms which have a unique swing to their gait, and crystalline guitar teases from Dan Tombs. It is an engaging entrance soon elevated by the wonderful emotive vocals of Liz Sheils perfectly supported by the warm tones of acoustic guitarist Shaun Kelly and the caring compelling bass caresses of Gaz Worton. It all combines for a heated romp equipped with a western twang and passionate breath. It is without doubt the dazzling voice of Sheils which steals the show but the song and sounds wrap around her aural heart with tenderness, great craft, and just a glimpse of mischief to their teasing presence. It is a rich and pleasing sound driven by a contagious pop essence which will easily delight many more than just genre fans.

Accompanied by a fun video featuring DJs Janice Long, Alex Lester, Jeremy Vine, and Chris Hawkins, Days Don’t Get Me Far Enough Away, whilst not probably a song which will take precedence over other personal taste pleasing sounds, certainly will not outstay its welcome when it does get its chance to play within these ears. For country pop fans though, The Lights have a real treat in store.

RingMaster 23/11/2012

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