Feeder: Borders

You do not have to be a Feeder fan to know it is them when one of their songs settles with ease within the ear. Though their sound is not one which sets the band in a field completely of their own, its infectious essences nothing strikingly unique, the band has created a breath and presence which is impossible to mistake for any other. New single Borders is the impressive new proof. It is typical Feeder, a song which satisfies expectations without offering any real surprises yet is a fresh and vibrant slice of rock pop.

Taken from their acclaimed eight album Generation Freakshow, Borders sees the band arguably back to their best. With fiery melodies, surging harmonies and a thumping bass line which triggers only energised reactions to its rich energy, the track is a wonderful mix of teasing elegance and feisty anthemic power. It replays some of the greatest  earlier Feeder moments whilst coaxing them into new mesmeric encounters for the senses and thoughts. With a neatly shifting passage of pace and intensity underpinning the flames of sound, Grant Nicholas and Take Hirose have unleashed a track which hits all the right spots with the expertise expected from the band, whilst offering the feeling Feeder has sparked again a new stirring level of invention and melodic rock creativity, something their recent album also more than suggested.

Released on their own imprint, Big Teeth Music, the single marks the beginning of a short November UK tour and leads into a special Christmas deluxe edition double vinyl package of Generation Freakshow and Renegades. It also and more importantly declares Feeder as returning to form, something we all can rejoice over.


RingMaster 16/11/2012

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