Lynchpyn: Drop The Blade/ Can You Speak Now

Young as a band but pulsating with pedigree from its individual members, UK metallers Lynchpyn has made a towering entrance with the release of their first two songs. The tracks declare a band with a power and intensity which is second to no one and a creativity which will make them an intriguing and stirring proposition in the times ahead.

The London based band was formed midway through 2012 by vocalist Justin Lloyd (ex- Smoking Barrels & Maelstrom) and drummer Jay Lawrence (ex-Smoking Barrel). Searching for musicians around the South East to join their project the pair enlisted former songwriter/bassist/manager of The Self-Titled, Steve Saunders. Guitarist Rob Furman (Halo & Vagabond) was added to the already formidable equation on the recommendation of Saunders and the line-up completed with the recruitment of lead guitarist Paul Cook (Rushhole & Red Thirteen).

Having spent the past months writing and now lighting up stages with a flurry of gigs, the band has scheduled February of next year for the recording of their debut album as well as a video. Through the unveiling of their first two slabs of muscle in Can You Speak Now and Drop The Blade, Lynchpyn have ensured the anticipation of what comes out of that creative engagement will be enflamed and impatient.

Can You Speak Now fires up the senses within seconds, its furious rhythms and hungry riffs an immediate enticement of accomplished craft and furious energy. The pulsating start finds a little restraint as the track settles into a prowling watch over the ear, the guitars adding shards of melodic scorching and imaginative enterprise to the smouldering intensity. The vocals of Lloyd scowl and unleash a combative attitude to compliment and reinforce the barracking beats of Lawrence and intimidating riffs of Saunders, whilst throughout Cook sears with sonic expertise, it all combining for an alternating explosion of energy and the predatory brief. It is a rampaging track which is sure to become a fan favourite, its anthemic breath and uncompromising attack a raging infection.

Though not as openly contagious, Drop The Blade is a dirtier and grittier slice of aggression. The bass of Saunders grabs an even bigger slice of the satisfaction with a raptorial gait to its throaty call whilst the guitars rage with a caustic rub and combative energy, the combination a corrosive treat if not quite as towering as its companion. Vocally Lloyd has a guttural growl to his assault, a Lemmy like rasp which only adds to the darker tone and breath of the pleasing confrontation.

There is an overtly raw feel to the production which with the quality sound at work across the sinewy duo again only heightens expectations for their studio results next year. Both tracks with their diverse blend of sounds play like a union of essences from bands such as Killswitch Engage, Stone Sour, Shinedown, Motorhead, and more distilled into something impacting and invigorating, a sound which is all Lynchpyn.

RingMaster 15/11/2012

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