Sivert Høyem: Where Is My Moon?

Where Is My Moon? is the new EP from Norwegian singer songwriter Sivert Høyem, a release which engages to provoke thoughtful responses through its shimmering emotive haze and skilled evocative presence. It is not a release which admittedly ignited any burning flames towards it but easily brought a glowing contentment whilst in its company and the sureness of future returns to enjoy its charms.

The former frontman to Madrugada has visited a brighter atmospheric light with the new release which follows the dark angst ridden and well received album Long Slow Distance of last year. The EP certainly holds some shadows in parts but equally has warmth which leaves the listener with a welcoming heat to bask within.

The title track stands out immediately, its slightly warped mesmeric elegance sending a sonic tingle to the senses as the melodic heat and expressive vocals of Høyem reveal the heart of the song. It is a magnetic ballad reminding a little of Chris Isaak and Roy Orbison soaked with the hazy emotive breath of the Dennis Hopper Choppers. The song coaxes and immerses the ear with heartfelt whispers which accentuate the tones of Høyem and the passionate and wholly enticing sounds. The lead song on the release, it is also the best, the track whose invitation is near on impossible to refuse.

Autumn In Arcadia is an equally magnetic affair, its sun slightly bolder and fuller than the opener but with a similar weave of delicious melodic honesty. Lyrically, as with all songs, the track is enchanting, a narrative to wrap yourself within and be inspired by. The smouldering kiss of the first track is replaced with a hot summer breeze whilst the song offers a Scott Walker/Charlie James like vocal texture within the evocative and thrilling guitar and rhythmic imagination to capture the imagination.

The release is completed by So-Lo and I Was Rolling Stone, the first a simple and slowly burning ballad and the second a sweltering blues croon of heart borne emotive vocals and air heating sounds. Neither find the heights of the first two songs for personal tastes but it is impossible not recognise to or dismiss the quality and passion bursting from both pieces of powerful balladry.

Where Is My Moon? is a fine release which lays down a dramatic and full experience to spend time with. Currently on a solo European Tour, Sivert Høyem is an artist on the verge of similarly great things further afield as achieved already within his homeland, the EP another enjoyable step.

RingMaster 12/11/2012

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