Trash Monroe: Addiction Of Duplicities, part 1 EP

Strong and intriguing from the start, the new EP from UK alternative rock band Trash Monroe just gets better and better the more time you spend in its company. Well the first part anyway as part 2 of the release is not unleashed until January of 2013, but going by the pair of stirring tracks offered here there is no reason to doubt the second part of Addiction Of Duplicities will be any different.

Formed in 2003, the quintet from Essex have made a big impression with their sound which has been compared to the likes of Tool, HIM, as well as Skunk Anansie and Pat Benatar in reference to the powerful and impressive vocals of front person Melany Dantes. Completed by guitarists Brad Hurr and Matt Rowe, bassist Ken Mortimer, and Dave Pankhurst on drums, Trash Monroe has lit up stages across the UK alongside the diverse likes of The Birthday Massacre, Raggedy Angry, Black Candy Store, and Undercover Slut. Heavily positive responses across the media have also followed them whether for their shows or previous releases in debut album Shooting From the Lips and Other Crimes of Passion and the Ornament and Batesian Mimicry EPs.

Recorded with Neil Hayes at The Parlour Recording Studio, Addiction Of Duplicities, part 1 is destined to follow suit in inspiring acclaim and support with its two muscular and well defined slabs of melodic rock. First track S.O.B. approaches the ear with a mix of intricate melodic play and fiery yet reserved riffs. It is an immediate mix of shadows and light which is soon elevated with the striking voice of Dantes. The song has a gritty edge to its warm surface which flares up the further the song expands its  creative arms, the drums and bass without being openly commanding against the guitars, forming a sturdy and cagey canvas for the scorched air of the song to lay. When a band has a vocalist with the range and force of Dante there is a tendency to play to that but as the song shows Trash Monroe compliment and push her mighty tones with a creativity and craft equally as mighty and unforgettable. It is not an infectious song as such but lingers long after its departure to keep the elevated emotions during its engagement staying around and thoughts cantered on its earlier presence.

The release is completed by the and best song of the two in the excellent Stupid Again. Again the track builds its tower of forceful energy and intent, the vocal and electric whispers alongside teasing guitars an inciting yet restrained breath leading to the heart of the song. Into its still controlled stride, the track widens into an epic expanse of emotive passion from the continually impressive Dante and a rising charge of sonic grandeur and captivating imagination. The sinews of the song ripple throughout to give the song a bite alongside the melodic heat generated and transformed into a magnetic brew elsewhere. It is an outstanding piece of songwriting and realisation which leaves the opener in its shade a little and only ignites strong anticipation for the forthcoming part 2 of the release.

There is a buzz surrounding Trash Monroe which suggests the band are on the verge of big things, Addiction of Duplicities, part 1, and the great track Bleached Edges Of My Memory which was recently released as a free download taster,  do nothing to suggest otherwise.

RingMaster 10/11/2012

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