Evanstar: I Won’t Regret

   I Won’t Regret is the stunning debut release from UK alternative rock band Evanstar, a single which despite the band being together barely long enough to raise a whisper let alone the riot of compulsive sound within their first introduction, is a strikingly impressive and enthralling feast of creative pleasure.

Only formed in September of this year, the Leicester based quartet of vocalist and rhythms guitarist Stuart James, lead guitarist Gary Yeates, bassist Mikey Yeates, and drummer Dan Farnell, instantly captivate thoughts and musical appetite with their rich and vibrant sounds. It is music which evokes emotions and passion, the band showing a refined craft to their blending of passion driven and boisterous energies with emotive and tender melodic imagination. Their influences are cited as the likes of Young Guns, You Me At Six, Deaf Havana, Foo Fighters, Alter Bridge, Stone Sour and more, that eclectic mix certainly offering a flavour of the sound the band bring but it is merely an expanse of spices which  the quartet merge into their own unique recipe.

I Won’t Regret announces itself with a glowing electronic sun, its crystalline radiance soaking the ear from the warm dazzling keys. As it soaks the senses the guitars begin to shape the song with scythes of riffs and sonic caresses. The initial gentle touch evolves into a stirring incitement as the beats become a forceful confrontation and the bass of Mikey brings a snarl to proceedings. Into the thick of its intensity the impressive vocals of Gary are expressive as the strong and passionate lyrics find a voice to share their heart. The thumping rhythms of Dan hold the senses tightly with their hypnotic strength whilst the guitars fire up the heart with a passion which is as unmistakable and invigorating as the energy and lyrical core of the song. As the track unleashes more of its smouldering emotive grandeur the track offers a mix of the inciting invention of Manic Street Preachers and the melodic washes of My Passion with the intense emotive depth of Mind Museum. It is a masterful and fiery experience which leaves one glowing in satisfaction and pleasure.

The single is completed by Living Nightmares, a song which shows Evan star can be just as mightily aggressive and direct as they were masterful in weaving skilful and impressive melodic sensations in the first track. Not that the track is lacking in provocative and heightened colourful harmonies and enflaming melodies, the song as heated and explosive in instinctive emotive force as in its predecessor, but here the raw and charged intensity with enslaves the appetite is a muscular and impacting show of the diversity within the band. It may only be two songs but already you feel Evanstar has much yet inside to unleash and great heights to rise to from an opening base which is immense and irresistible.

With I Won’t Regret, Evanstar has brought one of the most stunning debuts and introductions to ignite 2012, and for us their next release cannot come quick enough.


RingMaster 09/11/2012

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