Centre Excuse: In Your Mind

As soon as the brewing storm of electro punk energy and thumping rhythms accost the ear, the feeling that something special is about to unleash itself on the senses is rife. In Your Mind, the new single from UK sound rioters Centre Excuse, does not disappointment, their stunning release leaving no atom of dissatisfaction alive as its stomping and bruising encounter ignites the fullest deepest pleasure.

The trio from England’s smallest county Rutland, has left audiences and fans breathless from almost day one since forming on 2010. With their debut EP All Systems Go, the three piece of Teddy Lewis (vocalist, guitarist, synth) and brothers Jamie (guitars, bass) and Alex Rush(drums),  inspired a swiftly growing following and great responses to their inspiring blend of punk and rock drenched in the vibrant synth pop of the eighties. Their music is fresh and consuming but with a glow and blistered elegance which is hard to define yet delicious to taste and immerse within. The new single follows their last successful release, the Generation Z EP which itself continued the great acclaim and ardour spawn from previous singles.

In Your Mind is the most powerful and thrilling song yet from the band, its intimidating and feisty energy an aggressive variation from the aforementioned EP showing another strength and diversity to their sound. Whereas other songs in their continually impressing creativity bask in a captivating merger of post punk with electronic caresses and inciting rock urgency, the new single entangles the senses in a caustic maelstrom of punk and electronic acidic weaves. Think early Damned and Depeche Mode in a hybrid union with Zebrahead, and you get an idea of the wonder going on.

The track burns wonderfully as it rampages from its first note to last, the searing sonics of the keys as wonderfully harsh as they are mesmeric whilst the guitars scythe through to the senses with lean and rabid intensity. If that does not have ears and emotions blissfully on alert the explosion of rhythms and jabs drums on the senses from the drums ensures total capitulation, the bruises they offer worn like medals whilst their merciless punches reward as tremendously as the predatory tempest surrounding them.

The track is glorious and gets better with every listen. It is a song which elevates the heart rate and sends the blood surging through the body to match the intense energy unleashed and inspired in its recipients. If there is only one single you choose before the close of the year, this adrenaline driven impossibly infectious one from Centre Excuse should be it.


RingMaster 09/11/2012

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