Fathoms: Transitions EP

Like a predator which toys with its prey before consuming it with a rabid intensity, the Transitions EP from UK melodic hardcore band Fathoms, is a hungry and vindictive release. Consisting of six perpetually twisting tracks which leave one breathless and subservient to their sinewy threat, the EP is a startling introduction to the Brighton quintet. Initially almost too intimidating, the release emerges as one of the most compulsive and promising slabs of extreme metal this year from an emerging band which is honest and formidable.

Formed in late 2010, Fathoms has earned a strong following and equally forceful praise through its thunderous and inventive sounds as well as a stage presence which is intense and impressive, the band a hard working beast which has toured across the UK and shared stages with the likes of Legend, Set Your Goals, Polar, Dividing The Silence, Final Crisis, and Napoleon. In a year of many accomplished as well as adventurous debut appearances across the expanse of extreme metal, this sonic force of nature stands out. Fathoms have an imagination and sound which at first just bludgeons the senses into compliance like many others, but once sucked into its depths shows a craft and inventive drive which intrigues and thrills. The songs they unleash ooze sweat and blood, their breath raw and intent set on devastation, but beneath there is an enthralling and unmistakable enterprise from songwriting through to its realisation as a primal and inciting storm.

The release opens with chilled and ominous atmospheric whispers ending with the cocking of a gun which heralds All Roads Lead To Here. The track immediately assaults the ear with scything heavy riffs and blistering sonics before unleashing an immersive weave of manipulative technical skill and the abrasive growling venom of vocalist Max Campbell. Merging djent teasing with striking melodic burns and corrosive energy, the song spears along a shadowed and thunderous journey. Exposure to its biting unforgiving intent is thrilling and air sapping with equal effect.

It is a mighty start soon built upon by the following juggernaut, Lessons. The riffs and sonic strikes from guitarists James Munn and Dan Goddard are openly vicious and at times just hypnotic whilst drummer Lui Sarabia is as lethal and merciless as a pack of desperate wolves. Raging with like its predecessor, power and intense craft, the song is an imaginative and contagious fusion of styles and genres brought through a weave of invention unique to Fathoms. The guttural expulsions of Campbell chew on the carcass left by the furnace of sound and intensity of the music for a confrontation which is harsh and overwhelming but just as deeply irresistible and rewarding.

Wayland Avenue and November, December, both sear thoughts and flesh through unpredictable and intelligent asides alongside intoxicating titan like weaves within the intrusive surface bruising. The magnetic and malicious fullblooded outrage brought through both thrusts one within a maelstrom of deliciously inventive malevolence and ingenuity. Arguably Transition does not sit in a solitary place of magnificence as there other bands creating a similar concoction of ideas and sounds and to great effect, but as this pair alone shows, there are not many which are as fresh and impossibly enthralling.

The release is completed by Middle Ground which features Chad Ruhlig from Legend and the excellent Greater Good, the first single off the release complete with its own explosive video. The first of the pair is a ferocious engagement which leaves the senses ringing from its brutal turmoil whilst the second is a viral infection through sonic barbarism and quite sensational. Bassist Tom Axtell gives each track a rich heavy texture to fire up further passion but on this track he is at his most immense alongside the spiral of insidious guitars and rhythms.

Transitions is an outstanding start to what surely will be a towering future and presence in UK metal from Fathoms. Completely free from their official website http://www.fathoms-uk.com/, this is a violation you simply cannot refuse. If the likes of Parkway Drive, Misery Signals, Architects, and Miss May I hit the spot, Fathoms will obliterate it.

RingMaster 08/11/2012

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