The Title Sequence: Straight To Video EP

Fresh yet borne of vintage techniques and feel, the Straight To Video EP from UK electronica band The Title Sequence is an enterprising and mesmeric treat. Available right now as a free download, the release is a slice of lo-fi magnetism which lays its breezy caresses upon the ear with craft and tenderness.

The North London band is the project of songwriter David Bailey and producer Nick Crofts. Formerly known as The Sound of Bailey, the duo are childhood friends who as The Title Sequence have already drawn interest from the likes of Steve Lamacq, Huw Stephens and Chris Coco with their music, including previous single Dinosaurs in February of this year. Taking influences from the likes of Camera Obscura, Boards Of Canada and Solar Bears, the pair open up more of their musical heart and passion with the five track Straight To Video EP.

Ahead of new single Pay Day and presented as a companion to their forthcoming album Stills, the release opens up with the bubbly and hypnotic Out Of This. Nostalgia brewed electronic pulses, bontempi whispers, and excellent guitar teases lead one by the hand within the warm and reflective walls of the song, its core a delight of gentle vocals caresses and golden melodic rays. Offering an elegance of eighties bands like Felt and China Crisis with a Thomas Dolby like electronic attraction and Owl City pop beckoning, the EP is a soft creamy aural dessert from which there is not quite enough to satisfy the appetite but delicious enough to make one keep coming back for more. That applies to the whole release, its individual tracks varied flavours never less than a full enticement if again they do not all always quench the thirst. Nevertheless the opener is an enchanting piece of indie electro pop, its mazy melodies and imaginative sonic drizzling quite impossible to pull away from.

The following My Light Was On is a reflective and emotive tale of lost romance, its slowly dawning strength wonderfully crafted within the haze of a fine guitar painting and passionate mists which place their brief but perpetual kisses upon thoughts and senses. Next up, Hide And Seek is a similar song in intent and effect but brought through a different warm wind of dual vocals and evocative sounds. The guitar again paints the picture whilst the male and wonderful female vocals provide the colour and emotive texture. It is simple but quite lovely and easy to immerse within.

Before the excellent final track, VHSEX is a very brief instrumental which blends steel drums with the white noise of the vintage tape deck reel the band used to record the release. It is ok, just an interlude but does suggest the band in the future have some ambient ideas they could well be ready to explore. The closing Desert Song is a homage to Ennio Morricone, the Mexican mariachi suggesting opening playing in visions of swirling whispers of dust and heat. Into its stride the track is a magnificent weave of cinematic and textures brought through dramatic trumpet and strings alongside soaring female vocal washes and the expressive tones of Bailey. There is a touch of The Monochrome Set to the track, the same imaginative and unique take on sound and story within.

It is an outstanding end to what is a very pleasing and exciting release. It also suggests the horizon will offer more and greater pleasures from The Title Sequence which ensures eyes and ears will be closely paying attention in their direction.

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RingMaster 06/11/2012

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