Liar Liar: He Said She Said EP

With more bounce than Tigger in a trampoline factory and as endearing as Justin Bieber losing his voice, the debut EP from UK pop punks Liar Liar is one melody fest riding a wave of unbridled energy and impressive craft. The He Said She Said EP treats the ear to four bombs of power pop which easily please and ooze immense promise for the future. The release shows the band has still to find its own distinct voice but with a quartet of more than solid hungry companions within its cover, the EP is one contagious ball of energy and charm to fully engage with.

Sheffield based and formed at the very beginning of the year, Liar Liar with a clutch of well prepared songs in their armoury was soon thrilling audiences locally and across their county, successful shows which saw them gain a swiftly growing fan base and support slots with the likes of Paige and Summerlin. Taking the summer to work on and record their debut, Liar Liar unleash a vibrant and basically impressive release which will put the rest of the country on alert for their  promising and enjoyable sounds.

As soon as opener Heart Attack gets into its stride you know you are in for a ride which sounds like a blend of You Me At Six, New Found Glory, and The All-American Rejects, the latter a band you can quite easily see Liar Liar forging a creativity like in the future, not necessarily in sound but in style and imagination. The song saunters along at the beginning, the vocals of Joe Daniels strong and confident whilst his guitar play and that of Jake Lawton lays an energetic and eager breath to the track. The track soon explodes into surges of feisty and charged energy and pace with firm jabbing rhythms from drummer Jack Dudill (who has since left the band) and the gnarly bass of Liam Bates adding their weight to fire up the enthusiasm even more, the track becoming an anthemic and infectious treat.

It is a strong and compelling start easily matched by High N’ Low. The guitars immediately are gnawing at the ear with slightly abrasive yet inviting tenderizing riffs before the beats make their presence known. The track soon settles into another overall even paced attack though once more offering elevated moments of power. As melodies roam around the song with accomplish and eagerness alongside great harmonies between Daniels and Bates especially for the thumping chorus, the track hits all the right spots. Yes the song and release arguably does not stand a million miles from many other bands but whether those others have raised as great an impression and satisfaction from their first introduction as Liar Liar do, is to be doubted.

Lyrically the songs focus on relationships which have faltered or gone wrong and the aftermath, which makes for a release certainly easy to relate to for all though there is no moment where a track stands and feels sorry for itself, all a fast and keen confrontation of catchy hooks and melodies within a frame of pulse racing energy. People Never Change is a potent song driven by thumping beats and the great disgruntled bass sound of Bates, one of the biggest highlights on the release. Emotive and reflective, the track is a less explosive but still as intense affair bursting with group choruses and inventive hooks. Probably of all the songs, this is the one which more than hints at the imaginative and even more adventurous song writing one expects ahead, the song of all, the one which drew The All-American Rejects comparison.

    It Doesn’t Take A Hero closes up the fun with a flood of biting riffs and flowing harmonies shaped by pounding rhythms and again raging passion and energy. It is a fine end to a high quality and consistent release. It pumps its fist and ignites the heart from start to finish to leave one feeling energised, so ok sound wise the band has a little way to go stand alone but for pleasure giving they lack little. Liar Liar is a band you can only see rising to great heights and offering even greater moments in the future.

RingMaster 03/11/2012

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