Joyce The Librarian: They May Put Land Between Us

They May Put Land Between Us the debut album from UK indie/folk Joyce The Librarian, is like a warm morning breeze on a hazy summer day, fresh on the ear waking up the senses as well as warm and mesmeric to send thoughts and emotions floating through distant and peaceful  places. It is a resourceful and gentle caress from start to finish of delightful melodies and emotive day dreams.

From their well received debut EP The Weight of the Line, the Bristol band has earned keen responses, a successful UK tour supporting Euros Child and recent single Follow Me, I’m Right Behind You only elevating the buzz around the band and eagerness for this their first album. Consisting of old and new material, the release which comes through Folkwit Records finds a fine and delicate balance between indie pop and folk music, constantly infusing both into their beautifully crafted songs. For personal tastes some stormier whispers within the enveloping aural sunrise would have ensured an even longer lasting passion for the release as a whole but it is impossible not to eagerly immerse oneself keenly within the album and particularly in certain songs.

The uncomplicated aural romance begins with Traps. The track opens with acoustic kisses and military paced beats which introduce the ear to the soothing vocals of Martin Callingham soon joined by the wonderful cello strokes of Will Simpson. Like the first steps within a breaking dawn, the song opens the album warmly making way for the previously mentioned single and best song on the album. Follow Me, I’m Right Behind You is quite wonderful, the pulsating bass and sparkling guitars tenderly pressing the ear whilst the excellent vocals of Callingham are beautifully complimented by the male and female backing, the mix leading one deep into the heart of the piece. It is the emotive beauty of the cello, this time provided by Anna Strudwick, which takes one into realms of rapture, its potency irresistible and greedily absorbed. The track is a gorgeous enchantment created by undemanding yet skilful musicianship, songwriting, and harmonies.

Tracks like Turn Yourself In with its enveloping shadows, the heart stirring Land, and the sleepy Maurice War, all in their individual ways offer something magical, the adventure of the second and brewing horns of the third particularly evocative. Though on the surface the songs with their barely energetic presences and soothing touches seem to offer a similarity, proper attention reveals wonderful textures to the sounds and startling craft to the smouldering imagination throughout.

Before its departure the album treats with the charms of Still Sleeping and Dolly Parton, the song that is, calm down chaps. The first of the pair is a captivating canvas of precise and hypnotic guitars and voices with extra flavouring whilst the latter is an irresistible feast of stroking strings and simmering beauty which wraps its loving arms around the ear with expertise and passion.

They May Put Land Between Us is a great album, a real delight to lie alongside. It may not incite raging fires inside but for warm and tenderly undemanding moments or nights it is the perfect companion.

RingMaster 03/11/2012

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