Autoheart: Control

With their debut single Sailor Song, UK band Autoheart earned great and deserved acclaim for its impressive sound and presence, now the East London quartet return with Control, an indie pop song which just lights up the imagination. It is a track which captivates and evokes thoughts and emotions, its finely crafted and at times mesmeric charms fully engaging from start to finish.

The foursome of vocalist Jody Gadsden, guitarist Barney JC, drummer David Roman, and Simon Neilson on keys, since that first single have inspired interest from the likes of Radcliffe and Maconie, Shaun Keaveny, Bob Harris, and across  the media generally as well as gaining an ardent fan base with their successful monthly live night PUNCH around London venues. The new release will only energise this rise further, its presence sure to draw nothing less than impressed responses.

Released through O/R Records, Control opens with simply shuffling rhythms and piano, well when we say simply it is an immediately atmosphere and emotive entrance soon elevated by the quite stunning voice of Gadsen, his expressive and stirring tones impossible not to be drawn in by. From the attention grabbing potent start the song spreads its warm yet tense arms with flowing harmonies and inciteful melodic caresses. The track has an underlying energy and passion to it which just sweeps one up into the bordering on fiery atmosphere, the gently coaxing beauty soaked in immersive passion and soaring grandeur. Some songs are epic in massive overwhelming soundscapes, Control is epic from its heart and the wonderful vocals and rich sounds which combine for a towering wash of expression and feeling which just envelopes and soaks the senses.

Produced by Danton Supple, Control is quite magnificent; a song all should step into the heart of as we wait for their debut album with high anticipation.

RingMaster 03/11/2012

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