John Wean : M.A.P.

M.A.P. is the excellent new single from Scottish indie rockers John Wean, and a track to cement their status as ones to watch very closely. Since forming in 2009, the Uddingston spawn quartet has made steady progress up to the point right now where they seem ready to mesmerise the country. Writing songs about love, life and girls, the band themselves say the first couple of years were not as productive as they should have been in sound and arguably progress, though the band were never lacking enthusiasm just a direction for it maybe. After reassessing things the band ended 2010 with a successful support slot for Tom Hingley at King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut in Glasgow. Arguably this was the point where the rise in recognition and stature began for the quartet of Conor Cartwright [vocals / guitar], Stuart Anderson [guitar], Jude Smith [vocals / bass], and Simon Coakley [drums]. The past couple of years has seen by request from the promoter a return to the same venue to this time support Young Rebel Set, the band selling vastly more tickets compared to their first already impressive fan attendance, their own successful shows, as well as the release of debut single Desperate Dan (She Told Me She Was Single), all adding to the elevation of the band which the acclaimed New York Doesn’t Love You EP from earlier this year, only enhanced.

M.A.P. is taken from that release and continues the impressive presence of band and sound. Produced and mixed by Ewan Davies [producer of the debuts from Arctic Monkeys, Darkness and Editors], the single is an immediately pulsating proposition from the stirring bass tease and rapping drums beats. Its instantaneous engagement though is soon expanded by soon to join in sharp guitar melodic strokes which just sizzle with heated elegance. The song is perfectly chiselled offering a crystalline radiance to its warm caresses and sharp lyrical design which is openly infectious and wonderfully enterprising.

Standing for ‘Morning After Pill’, M.A.P. is in the words of the band “a tongue-in-cheek hymn to the conflicting thoughts that can swamp the brain in the moment of realization that all has not gone as planned!” It certainly holds a mischief whilst finding a place to incite thoughts, with the music as skilfully shaped as the words and also laced with a light almost whimsical whisper to its captivating persuasion.

If John Wean is yet to appear on your horizon then M.A.P. is the perfect introduction. With a flavoursome breath which combines  the likes of Letters, Prince Edward Island, and The View, John Wean are about to leave a very appetizing taste in the mouth of UK indie music.

RingMaster 26/10/2012

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  1. Excellent really catch

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