Only The Good: Time Flies EP

UK rockers Only The Good have earned a strong reputation for their vibrant sounds and live performances around their home county, the Midlands, and further afield. Listening to their latest EP Time Flies, it is easy to understand the enthusiasm to their music, the four songs making up the impressive and enjoyable release prime slices of thumping and energetic rock n roll.

The past four years has seen the quintet supporting bands such as Boots Electric, Cursive, Pride Tiger, Bryn Christopher, Disarm Goliath, Liberty Lies, and Skreamer, as well as lighting up local venues and places in London and Liverpool. It has been a steady ride and rise which has marked the band as one to watch. Listening to the release one still feels there is more for the band to find within themselves, a unique breath yet to be discovered, but such the enjoyment and quality of the Time Flies EP it just makes the future for the band one to keenly anticipate.

The title track opens things up and immediately has the heart and pulse dancing to its tune. Thumping rhythms frame sturdy riffs and tight melodic invention whilst the vocals are easy on the ear.  The combined group effort for the chorus simply incites an anthemic attraction impossible to refuse. The guitar play is pleasingly inventive, the incendiary solo and sparking enterprise around it instantly contagious. It is the bass though which steals the show, its growling presence equally dynamic and intimidating. The song does feel like an old friend yet to be met and wastes no time in making a longstanding and welcome connection with the emotions.

The following Manimal sizzles from its opening sonic caress with again the bass bringing a great shadowed depth to the song. Also openly anthemic, the track has a punk breath to its attitude and swagger which ticks all the right boxes. None of the songs can be described as bruising riots but there is a muscular and forceful energy to the track which ensures it will inflame a cross section of tastes.

The other two songs completing the release continue to offer something with a little diversity. Do Or Die opens with a slight Metallica like gentle beckoning before raising its energies to a mid paced thrash spiced slab of rock. The heart of the song is full of passion and finely crafted melodic flames to light up the senses and though the song does not quite live up to the previous pair it ensures a greedy appetite for its heated sounds.

Closer Shut Down is a song which evolves in personal tastes. The skilled and accomplished breath driving the song is refreshing and the song itself well crafted. Admittedly it did not fire up the same enthusiasm as for the other trio of tracks, but once into its stirring and dynamic climax it emerges another winner. The finale is a real adrenaline rush which leaves one on a high and making a decent song into an attention grabbing one.

Only The Good is a band with a strong future especially if they can evolve an individual element to lift them above similarly fuelled bands. On the evidence of the Time Flies EP, you would not bet against them.

RingMaster 24/10/2012

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