Pig Destroyer: Book Burner

It has to be said that over the opening songs of Book Burner, the new grindcore corrosion from Pig Destroyer there was a slight wonder of what all the fuss was about in regard to this their forth full length release. It was not because the tracks were weak or poor, to the contrary they were as devastating and acerbic as any previous assault from the band but they just did not spark anything extra to appease the built up expectations from what had been shouted out before hearing the release. Pig Destroyer is of course a band one should never make assumptions with, even when they are directly in the ear and it was not long before the Virginian quartet had donkey punched those thoughts and fully unleashed one undeniable classic.

On a relatively quiet year for the genre, Book Burner has ignited grind and extreme metal with a fury of brutal and greedy malevolence wrapped in corrosive riffs and air extinguishing grooves. The album is arguably their best to date and easily rivals previous confrontation Phantom Limb with its possibly more concise yet equally destructive wares. Released through Relapse Records, the album thrusts nineteen tracks through the ear in thirty minutes of unbridled and uncompromising intensity fuelled by adrenaline soaked energy and uncomplicated inventive craft. It takes no prisoners and shows no mercy but what else would you expect from Pig Destroyer.

Opener Sis spits in the ear with crushing riffs and scything sonics to give an experience like being backed into a corner by a lustful bear and just as uncomfortable. The following tracks The American’s Head and The Underground Man do not hold back on the rabid intent and staggering assault either, both continuing the colossal start though as mentioned none truly spark any extended passions to what one would expect to dish out towards the band. This is not a bad thing but just made one question others unreserved praise.

Once Eve stepped forward though, things fell into place, the track itself an insatiable and intense toxic eruption of twisted meanders and senses exploiting menace. There is no respite from its intrusive sonic leers and in its mere minute plus canker, as is the usual from the band, it holds more substance and disturbed heart than most bands muster in a whole release. The maniacal grind of the melodic inflammation that is The Diplomat opens up the already forming sores with infectious ease whilst its successors, All Seeing Eye and Valleys Of The Geysers both bear mutated visions and sand blasted emotions to salt the wounds. The vocals of JR Hayes as always provide a ‘cerebral viciousness’ to match the sounds, his face to face scathing directness and provocative razor blade dissension a battering dispute which overwhelms all resistance, whilst guitarist Scott Hull and new drummer Adam Jarvis oppress and erode every atom and emotion with their merciless ferocity and creative irreverence.

Further towering highlights with Book Burner come with the brilliant Baltimore Strangler, The Bug, and the final piece of devastation to close the album, Permanent Funeral. All tracks leave one drooling in their own smouldering juices but this trio for personal tastes steer the album to further greatness. The first of the trio is a furnace of hate and intimidation cored by a delicious tight groove to beckon and seduce the senses before their demise whilst the second from its opening sample and mesmeric ambient whispers conjured with great skill by Blake Harrison, just severely stomps with unmitigated malice all over the senses, the dual vocal acidic grazing painful and fiery yet as deeply compulsive as the entwining grit laded groove. No pain no gain the saying goes and Pig Destroyer takes it to its openly fulfilling extremes.

The final song on the album is the perfect finale to complete the sanity grasping experience with relish, the persistent niggling hornet groove and bone splintering beats of Permanent Funeral as irresistible as they are deeply scarring, which sums up the album as a whole. Book Burner is easily the mighty and commanding release being declared worldwide, no arguments here, and Pig Destroyer still the band to forge grind and extreme metal a new and irrepressible presence each and every time they choose.


RingMaster 23/10/2012

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