Dizraeli and The Small Gods: Never Mind

With a wit as sharp and deliciously mischievous as the irresistible invention and sounds wrapping them, the new single from folk/hip hop band Dizraeli and The Small Gods, is a hypnotic and melodically delightful masterpiece. Never Mind sweeps one up in its sultry carnivalesque sway and magnetic stomp with an immediate wink of its harmonic beckoning, never relinquishing its throbbing and wanton teasing hold until its last wicked gasp. It is a magnificent return of the UK seven piece innovators and a brilliant teaser for their forthcoming album due next year.

Formed in 2009 to take the solo album Engurland (City Shanties) of award-winning rapper and multi-instrumentalist Dizraeli live, the band is no strangers to acclaim and devoted responses to their sound and live appearances. The past year has seen them play shows at the likes of the Barbican and Southbank Centre, under take a successful tour of Germany, playing plenty of sold out gigs and performing a couple of BBC Introducing live sessions, as well as making a host of European appearances and main stage appearances at UK festivals including WOMAD. Released on ECC Records the single sets up 2013 perfectly for the album and a full UK tour, the septet of Dizraeli, Cate Ferris (vocalist, flute), Lee Westwood (guitar, backing vocals), Paul Gregory (drums), DJ Downlow (DJ, backing vocals), Jules Arthur (viola, keys, backing vocals), and World Female Beatbox Champion Belle Ehresman better known as Bellatrix (beatbox, double bass), ensuring an impatient anticipation will lead to the gifts of next year.

The single opens on vocal harmonies and probing rhythms alongside swerving strings and senses tinkering guitars, it is an instant lure to capture the imagination and open up the heart for the lyrical strikes, delivery, and majestic craft of Dizraeli. With its arms fully outstretched the song is a pulse riding surf of melodic caresses, their kisses an urgent addiction, and irresistible thought manipulating grandeur driven by veins of incisive hip hop brought observations. Imagine a mix of Grand Imitation, Sonic Boom Six, Molotov Jukebox, and Kontrust led by a truly distinct and fresh talent in Dizraeli, and you touch on the wonder of Never Mind. As it saunters through the ear and into the passions, the song is ablaze with the throb of its core rhythms, the seductive call of the viola, and the sirenesque voice of Ferris. It is a fiesta of wonder, a carnival of perpetually entrancing sounds and imagination. Individual elements just spark adoration within the song; flute and keys for example are as rapturous as the vocals and melodies whilst the beats and bass creativity of Bellatrixis as captivating and inventive as the stunning rapping flares of Dizraeli.

The release is completed by a full version of the single, which is preferred due to firstly its length meaning more goodness to enjoy and the wonderful gypsy folk beginning, and the darker shadowed song The Little Things. This track is dedicated to the author’s Nan, and easily evokes feelings to its honest and precise vision. A discord tilted piano and compelling strings accompany the lyrical portrayal from Dizraeli, the result an inspiring and open reflection. It is glorious, at times deeply touching, and always placing an inciteful breath upon the emotions. Again the music takes the listener places as distinct and provocative as the vocal script and though it is not of the urgency and invigorating energies of the single, the song is as equally stunning with its melodramatic whispers and stirring heart.

Never Mind is nothing less than brilliant, a true joy of the year and with its release Dizraeli and The Small Gods has ensured 2013 and their album just cannot come soon enough.


RingMaster 21/10/2012

Copyright RingMaster: MyFreeCopyright

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