Trillion Red: Metaphere

Termed as dark progressive avant-garde metal, the sounds of San Francisco band Trillion Red is a startling and evocative swarm of sound and atmospheres to lose yourself, and at times lose your way within. It is an enveloping and perpetually shifting journey of striking and questioning soundscapes, an expressive experience which is as accomplished at unsettling the nerves and senses as it is at sending them into rapture.

Following the well received Two Tongues EP of last year the one man project has elevated the stakes and creativity with debut album Metaphere. A fire of ideas and invention borne from the imagination of Patrick Brown, it is a release to engage and rile up senses and thoughts, an album which stands alone from most others in fresh vision and accomplished diversity. Themed by the struggle between darkness and light, it is a conflict played out through shuddering malevolent intrusions and shimmering mesmeric ambiences. Metaphere is destined to connect in different ways and on varied levels with metal and rock fans, but an unforgettable and rewarding bond it will make with most.

Like many artists now, Brown has unleashed an album which transcends genres but is different in that it is not always noticeable without focused attention, the blend instinctive and fluid like the warmth of the sun or the chill of shadows. Metaphere has to be allowed to slowly persuade and immerse the listener into its challenging charms and realms but it gives so much in return. Arguably it is not always the most natural companion but is never one to leave disappointment either, the sounds it intimidates and enchants with an ever compulsive presence.

The release opens with the dramatic and inciteful instrumental Blood Bravado, a piece which clouds the mind and unsettles the senses wonderfully, elements of Killing Joke toning the barbed breath and melodic discord. It is an instant contagion which ensures a full and attentive absorption leading into the four parts of Trichroic starting with Prelude Mira Lore. The sinister whispers within resonating shadowed sounds feel like they spawn from a disentangled reality, sent to ignite chilled thoughts and feelings. The track never delves into the blackest of areas but diminishes light to slight expulsions of crystal droplets within the piece as it opens the way for Part 1: In Ever Loving Shadows.

Carnivorous riffs open the song before again slipping back into the previous atmosphere. They then entwine and wrap the ear in a perpetually evolving hazardous caress of blackened metal and scathing sonics, the vocals of Brown holding desperation to match the sounds. Part II: In Darkness We Cannot Be and Part III: Ephemeral Light continues the twisting bruising and burning, both distinct but organic in the cradling corruption given.

Trichroic is a testing whole in its expansive presence and emotive travel, provocative and rewarding but arguably a challenge. The likes of the following Cuts Come In 3’s, Bug-Id, and Parables And Levitation could be called the same, but in their at times brief violation are a more compact incendiary device to blow synapses and disorientate thoughts. The first is a pulsating thrust of venomous sonic probing and jabbing rhythms, its melodic swipes sharp as knives whilst the second of the three is more of a predator, its feverish aural hunger stalking and eroding the defences of the senses to send them into a further mesmeric provocation. The excellent Parables And Levitation explores more crystalline melodic expulsions within sludge like atmospheres, vocals and sounds adrift from its core like uncertain emotions and devilish prompts.

The hellish Sin Forecasting and the soothing respite to the torment of For Pain wind down the undulating ride leaving the hypnotic Dawn State to close with as many uncertainties as resolutions emotionally. Metaphere is an impressive album once given the chance to fully unveil its dark corners and invention warm heart, a release ensuring a full and satisfying listening experience for not only the ear.

RingMaster 17/10/2012

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