The Robbie Boyd Band – Spring Generation EP

The Robbie Boyd Band has followed up the success of their acclaimed debut EP with another release to spark emotions and pleasure the heart. The Spring Generation EP continues the feel good “funky folk” sounds of the band through four more impressive and easily enjoyable slices of melodic pop/folk creativity. It is a release which inspires warmth within the heart, it makes no demands but simply ignites the heightened rush of pleasure the band tries and succeeds in instilling through their music.

The previous Autumn’s Flown EP brought plenty of enthused attention upon the band though there was a brewing loud whisper about them before even it was unveiled through the first single I Won’t Let You Go. Subsequent singles from the EP only enhanced their presence which Spring Generation can only elevate further. Interest from the likes of Graham Norton, Paul O’Grady, Dave Gorman across the airwaves went alongside successful support slots with bands such as The Kooks, Delays, and Johnny Flynn, again their shows swelling positive and enthused responses, as did their ventures into Europe and many festival performances.

The first single from Spring Generation, When I Believe was released at the end of August and immediately triggered a keen anticipation which the new release easily satisfies. Arguably the single which sets off the EP is the least impressive of the songs on offer though by that we mean a keen and lively summer breeze upon the senses. Openly catchy with great harmonies and stirring keys from Adam Fletcher alongside the expressive and distinctive vocals of Boyd, the song strolls with confidence and charm to certainly captivate the imagination even if it only sparked inside rather than lit fires. It is an enjoyable piece of folk pop which the rest of the release simply steps on from.

The title track is a true treasure, a track which highlights why Boyd and the band is garnering such praise. It starts off gently with just guitar and voice, a folk kiss upon the ear but it is not long before the song begins its hypnotic hold with the beats of Huw Beynon a living pulse within the song. Into its stride with the violin of Mared Evans and the mandolin of Russel Smith leaving blazes of melodic elegance across the warm skies of the song, it unveils an anthemic like energy and heart which is irresistible. The vocal combination is superb around Boyd, the harmonies across the whole band a sizzling texture within the equally invigorating sound and the perfect companion and foil to the tones of Boyd. It is by far the best song on the EP and possibly the best to date from the band.

The Lead is a lean, vibrant, and magnetic acoustic song, the guitars of Boyd and Smith alongside the percussion teases of Mike Newman and emotive bass of Simon Fitzpatrick, a heated yet soothing rub. There is a sure Simon and Garfunkel breath to the song whilst the closer Unlock The Key is a gentle caress with Boyd and guitar a heartfelt cell of emotion shining within the gentle acoustic light of sound.

Spring Generation is a treat of well crafted melodies and pop soaked hooks but also intelligent and mature songwriting. It gives all the proof to why there is such a buzz surrounding The Robbie Boyd Band and a defined step in their evolution to an even greater presence in British music.

RingMaster 12/10/2012

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