Radio Drive – This is Our Time

Radio Drive is the solo project of Minneapolis singer songwriter Kevin Gullickson, though it was a full band earlier in its presence with the artist continuing with the name in 2009 after the band disbanded. Gullickson writes music which can be classed as melodic rock but which carries an eclectic breath and essence which has captured the imagination of a great many. This is Our Time is his fourth album following on from the acclaimed releases Dream The Impossible (2009), Life Today (2010) and I Can See The World From Here (2011). The artist has garnered strong interest from labels, producers, and media, let alone a blossoming army of fans, but remained an independent artist with a strong appetite for creating and sharing his sounds.

This is Our Time is an eleven track strong collection of well structured and infectious rock n roll brought with accomplished skill and vibrant ideas.  It does not stretch boundaries or leave the soul smouldering with adoration but makes its company a pleasing and easily repeatable experience. Its heart has a definite eighties beat with expansive ideas incorporating many eras of rock over subsequent decades. It is a undemanding ride which shows off its glorious sights and warm landscapes with an infectious breath and respectful nods to classic sounds.

The opening Rising makes no secret of its eighties seeds, the soaring electro melodies lighting up the more raucous energy below its weaves. Though a rock track there are easily essences of bands like Tears For Fears and A Flock Of Seagulls to its sturdier rock drive which makes it openly engaging and intriguing. There is an instant attraction inspired by the track which importantly lasts across the diverse release whatever the style songs are steeped in.

The blues/country rock toned Borders and the pulsating melodic rock fuelled title track continue the variation and pull of the release. Both are easy to absorb songs which keep the engagement with their passion high and keen without sparking any major fires within, a friend to share time with without making a deep commitment.

By the time tracks like Light and the resourceful Money You Don’t Own Me have lit up the ear the one real niggle was answered, who does Gullickson sound like? The answer is Stan Ridgway, their vocal tones quite similar and at times even the music has a slight whisper of the solo work of the ex-Wall Of Voodoo man.

Further highlights on the album come in songs such as Life Is For Living and closing stomper Hardwired, though no song leaves one disinterested or willing to move on to another. This is Our Time is a strong and enjoyable release which all melodic rock fans should take a look at. Though passions were not lit here it was a satisfying friend to spend time with which will be a full on engagement for many others.

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