Philtrum – Needs Must EP

Raw and in your face, the debut EP from UK punks Philtrum quite simply piles on aggression whilst firing up riotous tendencies inside. Unpolished and perfectly abrasive, the Needs Must EP is a cracking debut from a band which leaves one agitated and enthused by their uncomplicated forceful sounds. The songs rip through the ear with attitude and barbed energy, their presence inciteful and uncompromising yet with a garage punk rub to bring a different taste to their old school fuelled sound.

Formed by vocalist and guitarist Paul P, Philtrum has evolved through  more than a few members with their now settled line-up of Paul, bassist Gavyn, and James on drums coming together last year. With around seven or so  gigs to date including supporting alternative band Southport recently, the trio are intently focused on arranging many more to support their EP and another they are currently working on.

Recorded at Sunlight studio in Gillingham with Greg Webster of Houdini, the Needs Must EP instantly grabs attention with excellent opener Fluke. The drums create an anthemic air within seconds whilst the guitar blaze fully amongst their rhythms. As charging riffs erupt alongside the caustic vocals of Paul P and gang harmonies, the combined brawling energy just demands assistance from the voice and limbs of its recipients. The song blazes upon the ear with combative strains of a Black Flag or Bad Religion spicing the sound, it is undiluted punk rock brought with accomplished skill and honest heart.

From the great start the following D5 raises things even further, the barracking intensity and salty melodies which rampage through the ear the perfect delivery of more anthemic passion. With jabbing rhythms and bruising bass riffs, whilst the guitar and vocals demand and receive full attention, the track stomps over the ear like an old intimidating friend, a welcome and easy to connect sound offering an element of aural danger.

Serious continues the fine assault of chafing riffs and battling rhythms to leave one even more impressed and eager to hear more from the band. The vocals of Paul P nicely vex the ear with their abrasive tones but equally thrill in union with the aggressive and hungry onslaught of sounds. Arguably the songs and band do not offer anything unique but deliver songs which get the job done of leaving one very satisfied with energy and  enterprising punk rock.

The closer Caught Inside throws something new into the mix with an opening  even paced mix of beats and sonic chords. It offer intrigue and possibilities which the band eventually turn into a full on garage punk slab of rock n roll, distorted riffs and barking beats to the fore. Though the weakest of the four, but still thoroughly enjoyable and a song one can eagerly share time with, the song certainly shows the promise and diversity which is open within the band for the future.

Philtrum is a band which should be watched closely and their EP a release which definitely deserves attention from  punk fans. When so many bands seem to elect a pop punk sound, this band are one of the new few to be inspired and borne from the heart of true and original punk rock.

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