Radio Friendlies -There Is No Radio Friendlies EP

Just when you thought the warmth of summer was over Dublin band Radio Friendlies arrive to unleash a new inviting heat with their excellent new EP There Is No Radio Friendlies. Consisting of four sizzling and vibrant songs, the release is an erupting sunspot in the sky of indie pop to leave one thrilled and energised.

Consisting of Stevin King (vocals/guitar), Dara Coleman (drums/backing vocals), and Kevin Keane (bass/backing vocals), the band has been on a steady rise the past year or so, and a climb which with the release of their new EP on September 28th, one can only see an acceleration to. The band takes its inspirations from the likes of Ash, The Pixies, Foo Fighters, The Beatles and Nirvana, though many more spring to mind as the songs romp across the ear. One year ago debut EP Signs was released, its arrival well received by fans and media alike, as well as garnering a great interest and download success in Mexico. Shows at venues like Dublin’s Academy 2, The Crawdaddy, Whelans-Live, The King Kong Club in The Village, and An Brog in Cork City, as well as impressive festival appearances including Cube Fest, Duisigh Festival, and Upload Festival, has only elevated their stock, but one feels with There Is No Radio Friendlies, wider recognition is surely on the near horizon.

All The Girls is the first song to engage the ear, its initial guitar strokes bursting into an energised stroll through to the heart. It is an infection which only takes a few moments to begin its magnetic pull with blazing guitar sonics and smart harmonies lighting the air. It is not a song which manages to venture into a full stomp, its pace reserved but openly keen, yet the song has one feeling charged and locked in a firm and heated embrace. Well crafted and imaginative, the band mixing up its stroll in pace and ideas nicely, the song has one licking lips for what is to follow.

What does step up to share their charms is even more impressive, almost putting the opener in the shade. Cry is a definite Weezer sounding love affair for the ear. Gentle and respectful, the track has a shadowed tone which certainly points to that Pixies influence, the melodies having that Frank Black created discord which fires up the passions. Released as the lead single from the EP a few weeks ago, the song is an open invitation impossible to refuse let alone ignore; its body a delicious dessert of irresistible melodic power pop.

Next up Dead brings a punk attitude to the table, its feisty and intimidating yet again controlled air, a stirring and compelling companion for the ear. The thumping pulse of the track gets the blood pumping faster whilst the again melodic might of the band just leaves one riveted. Reminding a little of Hagfish, the song is another triumph to set the soul aflame and bring the voice into play.

The closing Let’s Go, Explode, is the best of the lot. Another pop punk gem likes its predecessor, the track has a snarl to it somewhat absent elsewhere, its riotous heart ready to party and leave only debris in its wake. With an ear blistering groove, group shouts, and juicy hooks splicing the air like sabres, the track is aural excellence, your best friend from its first sonic handshake. Like a fusion of Janes Addiction, The Super Happy Fun Club, and Nerf Herder, it simply brings the fullest pleasure and an inciteful invigorating energy.

The There Is No Radio Friendlies EP is outstanding, the proof that pop punk, power pop, or indie pop, whatever you wish to call the style of sound of the band, is still not only one irresistible taste when at its best but has one exciting new flavour to make the heart drool called Radio Friendlies.

RingMaster 26/09/2012

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