Joyce The Librarian: Follow Me, I’m Right Behind You

Follow Me, I’m Right Behind You is the new single from UK folk/acoustic ensemble Joyce The Librarian, a song which not only ensures the summer ends with some additional warmth as it passes the reins on to the following season, but also makes the forthcoming debut album from the band one to cast a close ear over upon its release on November 5th. Released through Folkwit Records, the album They May Put Land Between and band has already garnered some eager anticipation and the new single will only swell any expectations with its melodic caresses and inspire many more to welcome the charms of Joyce The Librarian.

The Bristol band consists of singer-songwriter Martin Callingham (voice, guitar, bass) alongside Houdie (voice, organ, chimes) Tom Van Eker (voice, guitars, drums) Will Simpson (voice, cello) Anna Strudwick (cello) Jim Cormick (trumpet, flugelhorn) Kate Fox (violin) Susanne Lambert (drums) and Ali Chant (drums, tambourine). The music they wrap around the ear is a gentle, subtle, and charming weave of beauty which one is unlikely to feel anything but warmth from and for. Their self released EP The Weight Of The Line of February this year caught the imagination and had people taking a keener notice which Follow Me, I’m Right Behind You will only ignite further as the unveiling of the album comes nearer.

The single opens on a gentle beckoning guitar; its lone winks an aural invitation impossible to refuse. A secondary guitar soon joins adding its own warm sonic charm, both framing the expressive vocals and glorious harmonies. The song is instantly mesmeric and once the emotional beauty of the cello makes itself known there is only rapture guaranteed. There is something irresistible and powerful about a cello and it is no different here, the song dipping into a further dramatic depth which brings essences of Scottish band Letters to mind. The melodic kisses of the song are reserved yet firm to only elevate the enchantment whilst the individual elements, skills, and harmonies simply join together to create something which is quite gorgeous.

Whether the album can lie up to this initial teaser we will find out but if it only has a few moments of wonder like Follow Me, I’m Right Behind You within its walls, it will be worthy of all the attention it is likely and destined to receive.

RingMaster 21/09/2012

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