Cold Summer : Wake EP

The Wake EP is the latest release from yet another emerging British post hardcore band, a genre becoming quite plump in the amount of new aspiring contributors. The band is Cold Summer and though their five track release is not flawless it is impossible not to be excited about the future of the band. There feels an untapped depth to them, a further expanse to their already inventive presence still to explore which only offers immense promise and an anticipated great future ahead.

Formed in 2010, the Wakefield quartet of Dan Feast (Vocals), Chris Harrison (Guitar), Chris Hepworth (Bass), and Justin Eastwood (Drums), the band was soon lighting up stages as well as triggering intrigue with their three track demo Committed To Tape. An unexpected line-up change then left the band looking for a new vocalist but also giving them time to work on new material simultaneously. Eventually they found and enlisted vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Feast which allowed them to further evolve their heavy and melodic sound. They spent the latter part of 2011 working on the five songs which went on to be the Wake EP. This year first saw the band unveil a two track acoustic release called Transitions featuring two songs which appear in their full might on Wake, and since live shows supporting the likes of End Of A Year, Margate, Make Your Mark, and Aficionado.

The new EP is the next big step from the band whose evolved presence is sure to grab even stronger attention. It is hard to stand out from the crowd in the post hardcore genre right now but Cold Summer feel destined to be one band which will even if with this release it is not yet by any wide distance.

The release stirs up enthusiasm with opener Waiting, a track as muscular as it is melodically adventurous. From a sonic lance of a start with the first excellent presence from the bass of Hepworth, the song offers hungry chunky riffs and rapping beats spiked with strong multiple compulsive scything of acidic sound. The vocals of Feast begin as a clean and strong presence, changing to and alternating with abrasive shouts and squalls of expression. The track is soon an eventful and forceful pleasure though it never explodes as one expects or the song itself suggests it may. Though it is not offering anything groundbreaking the track is a powerful start and the first to show Cold Summer as a band with much potential.

The brief title track follows next and to be honest fails to ignite any sparks. It lasts for barely fifty seconds and is a rubbing insurgence which actually annoys far more than it pleases making one wonder its intent overall. The EP soon is firing again though with the best song A Is For Arson. It is a well crafted and intriguing track which is as melodically heated as it is emotively intense. From a lively start and keen energetic provocation from vocals and riffs, the song expands into a heavier oppressive proposition revealing imaginative songwriting and the ability of the band to stretch its boundaries. It has a mix of Placebo and Mind Museum to its initial engagement with eventual elements of And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead and Rise Against bringing a confronting muscle to its climax. Once again the bass is outstanding, the snarling predatory air it menaces with one of the biggest highlights of song and release.

Car Crash (In Progress) and Mistakes close up Wake, the first a vibrant and unpredictable slice of inventive sound and structure with a great blues tone to the excellent play of Harrison, the second a slow melodic piece of passion brought with care and tenderness from music and the fine vocals of Feast. He is a vocalist who fuses harsh and clean deliveries well but it has to be said the clean generally outshines the other extreme, his squealing throat grazing shouts sometimes too caustic on the ear.

The Wake EP is an enjoyable collection of varied and inventive songs which only leaves satisfaction behind and despite a few to be solved issues marks them as a band on the way to finding a unique sound and impressive stature in its future.

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