The Varese’s: Self Titled EP

The debut EP from British indie rock band The Varese’s is one of those sneaky little blighters which upon hearing for the first time sparks keen interest and impressed responses. All the time though it is working away with its tight melodies and vibrant energy, not to mention catchy presence, to return in unexpected moments when one least expects it, to share its heart once again. Listening over the initial times only pleasure and growing respect flies its way but one is not expecting hours later for certainly two of the trio of songs which make up the release, to return in the shadows of night to party in the mind. It is a limited club to belong to when artists are sowing their sounds in these ears day in day out, but The Varese’s are a full and determined member indeed and use their membership to return when they please, not that there is any complaint.

From Liverpool, the quintet is a band still young in its life, their music merging melodic and heart borne sounds with sharp and edgy lyrics carrying the rawness of the streets and lives the band comes from. Their music is a thoughtful and poetic mix of potent soulful lyrics and vocals from Jonny Andrew, heated and irresistible guitar craft from Danny Hayden and Paul Tallant, alongside the emotive rhythms from bassist Adam Murray with the firm attentive beats of Bob Gaul. It is music to evoke images and personal thoughts whilst lighting up the shadows of the day with melodic charm.

Weary Dream is the song which neglected to make extra appearances beyond its aural company but easily marks the band as accomplished and deep in promise. With a slight groan to the bass as it brings the song into view, the track begins to explore its emotion with well lit guitar caresses and sizzling thrusting chords, the two guitarists igniting an emotive air through different approaches linked with craft and thought. The vocals of Andrew weave in and out of the music, finding and adding extra depth to the passion of the song. It is not a song which personally lit major fires but alone easily ensures the band has close attention upon them.

The other two songs on the EP though are eager companions and welcome returnees, both Strangers and Spotlight songs which would be irritating in their persistence if they were not so masterfully created and superbly sounding. The first of the two has a confident swagger brought through crisp jangling guitars and pulsating basslines. Again Andrew is an impressive voice for the lyrics, his delivery impossible not to be captivated by. The track is devilishly infectious, the chorus alone a familiar buddy after only one listen which you cannot resist joining in with. Shadows is indie pop at its best with an air of Oasis to its spark, but do not hold that against them, and a subtle essence of The Loud and Wah in its breath.

Spotlight is a more laidback song with a twang to the guitars with again more than a slight jangle to their flight. It is a reflective piece of passion which tugs on the emotions as much as it fires up the ear. Driven by keen drums and the strolling bass sound, the guitars leave smoking trails in their sonic melodic wake whilst Andrew spreads his range out for all to see and approve, the man a vocalist already of impressive stature and sure to grow into a major voice, as the band itself.

Listening to the EP, one still gets the feeling there is so much more distinct and powerful things to come, their depth still in evolution and discovery by the talented musicians. We for one will be there to reap the rewards as The Varese’s grows into their sound and lights up new realms, our suggestion is you should be there too.

Ringmaster 18/09/2012

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