Pteroglyph: Found

One of the deepest loves of The RR has been for Mishkin, the now sadly demised UK alternative metal band, so it was with extra eagerness we turned our attention to the debut EP from Pteroglyph. The band is the solo project of ex-Mishkin vocalist Jimmy MacGregor, the Found EP a towering and impressive slab of destructive yet violently beautiful music. As impressive technically and in its startling structure as it is aggressively rampant and abrasively confusing, the release is a powderkeg of attitude, energy, and keenly crafted intimidation. This is nothing like Mishkin, except in attempting to push and buckle boundaries, but is as attention grabbing.

MacGregor left Mishkin (before its end) in order to pursue his solo work and career, his introduction to the world and his greatly woven sounds with Found only likely to thrill. Released September 24th as a free download, the five track ambush on the senses is an unpredictable and imaginative beast. On the surface a tumultuous and hungry onslaught whilst within its muscular intimidation a shifting and enterprising blend of progressive invention, melodic scorching, and forceful sonic addiction. Mastered by Acle Kahney of Tesseract, with all other aspects from MacGregor, the release backs the senses up into a corner and then blasts, barracks, and seduces them, vigorously.

The release immediately seizes the ear with opener Emerge, its forceful but respectful start stirring things up before the clean vocals turn to rabid growls and the soon deeply rooted groove twists relentlessly amongst crushing riffs. It is not the most destructive assault to ever challenge but it keeps one honest and absorbed by the emerging brew of melodic thought and insistent intensity. It is not always easy blending spiteful intent with mesmeric sonic light but MacGregor has it perfectly honed within his creative armoury.

The first song arguably does not lift the roof off but does sets things off with strength. It is followed by the track Earth, a rampage down the main street of the ear with fully charged malevolence and driven imagination, though the subtle melodic break within a minute of the track offers a surprising and refreshing aside. It has to be said that surprisingly the clean vocals, especially at this particular point, pale in quality against the guttural raw delivery but for the majority of the release is still makes for a pleasing and complimentary if undulating fusion. Back into its rampant stride the song churns and tears up the air with incendiary riffs and shifting ethical prowess to keep things on a high.

It is at the third song that things really take off, Empathy making an impact of barbarous riffing, synapse stretching technical violations, and malevolent bruising feel like an energising tempest. The song is immense, the vocals defying our previous comment to drag the guttural depths and leave blistered trails of harmonic excellence in the sky. The song is merciless, offering no respite or safety net to hide within, its intense weave a ravenous dehabilitating and thoroughly rewarding soundscape.

The final tracks Endeavour and Excess bring further open diversity and enflamed pleasure. The first is a melodically fuelled wrap veined with spiky rhythms, punchy riffs, and primal growls. Around the harsh breath though the song is the ignition to flashes of sonic showers and warm persuasion to offer multiple and rich aural faces. It is a song which gives more with each reunion and though it is not without flaws, as with the EP, it is the giver and receiver of complete and hungry engagement from both directions.

Excess just rips the senses off their hinges, its death dripped metalcored assault an exploratory and brutal exercise in submission and pleasure giving, a song any extreme metal fan would drop what they are doing for. Again the clean vocals challenge the progress of the imaginative attack and rippling body of the song but never to real detriment.

As mentioned Found is not without issues, mainly the already stated uneven clean vocals as well as the ‘manufactured’ drum sounds but the release is nevertheless fully impressive and the cause of only unbridled promise and anticipation of what MacGregor and his Pteroglyph will unleash ahead. We cannot wait!

RingMaster 19/09/2012

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