BlakCan: Dark Daze

Shadowed and uplifting, the new single from UK dark electronic indie pop band BlakCan is a vibrant and enjoyable introduction to the Wolverhampton quartet. Dark Daze is a song which grabs the attention and takes it on a ride of infectious melodies, incisive lyrics, and impassioned emotions from arguably all shades of life and the heart.

Consisting of vocalist/percussionist Ash Bradley, Jon Nash on keys and synths, and Ryan Deakin on guitar and synth, alongside drummer Mudie and bassist Adam hall, BlakCan has created their impossible to ignore sounds for the past eighteen months and drawn strong responses and acclaim for their live performances, which included supporting The Twang at the opening of the new 02 Academy in Birmingham. The band has already firmly began to turn a growing wave of heads their way and the new single, taken from their forthcoming album Flat Pack Nation, will be and is the next big step in their rise.

Produced by Gavin Monaghan (Editors, Twang, Ocean Colour Scene) and released through Big Industry Records, Dark Daze instantly sweeps the senses up in an energetic yet controlled breath. The slowly brewing keys wrapping gently around the ear as the vocals start their emotional questioning, ignite warmth which the track never loses but does test with the chilled ambience and shadowed whispers which make their presence known throughout. It is though a magnetic song overall with hooked melodies which playfully light the heart and guitars which chip away with slight mischief and heated enterprise.

An intriguing mesh of sounds which would have settled nicely in the works of Blancmange, Fad Gadget, early Depeche Mode and Joy Division with more current traits of a Calling All Astronauts or Strangers to flavour things, Dark Daze is a pleasing and infectious treat which not only keeps its too brief a time fully engaging but makes the anticipation for the album strong and keen.

Ringmaster 18/09/2012

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