Janice Graham Band: Assassiner

Sometimes you just have to kick yourself at being so slow to discover certain bands whilst the mystery as to why is a frustration hard to erase but made up for with insatiable energy. Such is the case with the Janice Graham Band. The young band from Manchester has been pulling in great acclaim all year at the very least but it is with the release of their new single Assassiner that our introduction is made and as they say, better late than never.

The single is immense, a refreshing and ingenious song which is bursting with imagination and uniqueness from the heart of their musical home city and British eclectic invention as a whole. The song is a piece of brilliance, a wanton and wicked first meeting for all newcomers and the continuation of what came before for existing fans from their strongly and eagerly received debut album It´s Not Me earlier this year. The young quartet, averaging 21 years of age, have thrilled and earned nothing but impressive responses for their live shows along with their previous release. Now with the new single through Acid Jazz Records and taken from their forthcoming album, one can only expect the horizon, near and far, to be burning with big things for the band. All this from hearing one song you say…yes but what a song.

     Assassiner is stunning, a mesmeric and enrapturing piece of composition and imagination. It is a mesh of rhythms, textures and sound brought through a filter of ska, jazz, rock, hip hop, punk and more. Think Sonic Boom Six, Cypress Hill, Wu Tang Clan, Arctic Monkeys, The Specials, and nineties band Honky and you get a flavour of the quite delicious treat awaiting within the song. From its opening brewing breath around a throbbing pulse soon joined by a dark velvet bass croon, the song instantly draws full attention and lip licking anticipation. Bassist and vocalist Joe Jones prods and probes the senses with his accent driven swagger and lyrical sharing, aided perfectly by drummer Tom Scott and trumpeter Josh Hunt, whilst the guitar of Andy Morton is a shimmering heated and sinister breath amongst the dub heartbeats and electronic whispers, the sounds of Hunt bringing further character and atmosphere to the shadowed presence.

The song is a powerful and irresistible companion with a haunting yet hypnotic ambience wrapping its feisty and attitude lined masterful invention. It is rare to be stopped in ones tracks by anything these days, something which ignites emotions barely inspired by music today but the Janice Graham Band do it with ease. If you are looking for truly skilled originality and natural imagination then these inspiring young bucks will easily and fully feed your desires and more, just go and bask in their ingenuity.


RingMaster 16/09/2012

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