Falter: Self Titled EP

Since forming in 2010, British alternative metalers Falter has been building a fine reputation with fans and bands they have shared stages with alike. It is a band on a steady rise, the Blackburn quartet finding a welcome and eager response to their varied flavoured rock/metal sound. Their self titled EP is their debut recording and a fine introduction to the country as a whole from one impressively emerging band.

As the dark chug of the guitars warp around the ear the opening track on the EP immediately grabs the attention. Hundred Reasons slowly unfurls its muscular weight then starts captivating with a scorched groove from guitarist Matt Flaherty, ensuring from that moment that the senses are wide awake and keen to feast on the addictive vein. Adding to the already captivating mix the vocals of Tom Eccles blend an excellent mix of clean and scathing growls into the emotive heart of the song. With the rhythms from drummer Phil Earnshaw forming a strong though not overly aggressive, the gnarly bass of Joe Walsh chews wonderfully on the ear from within to ignite imagination. As with all the songs in their varied forms, the track is a brewing storm of melodic metal and bruising rock brought with a metalcore/post hardcore intensity. It is unpredictable and adventurous, something you can call the band itself even if their sound does not yet have a truly distinct voice.

The following Hospice is lower key with emotion fuelling each word and note, the inner intensity bringing a real depth and feel to the song. As the passion of the track breaks through it erupts into brawls of coarse energy with vocals to match, hurt and deeply seated feelings dripping from every second of the furious energetic bursts. On the whole though the track is restrained, its well crafted and presented heart a captivating breath. Arguably the song does not stand out as obviously as the first, its body reserved in ear hooking and individual elements, but it is equal in power and impact to show the diversity in writing and sound of Falter.

Worship closes up the release with another heighten offering of aggression and emotional might. It sits between the previous tracks in intensity though has a snarl at times to intimidate and a melodic caress in other moments to heat feelings. Again the bass of Walsh is a highlight, the shadowed tones a prowling force, whilst the vocals of Eccles once more show their range. He is maybe not the most accomplished vocalist but surpasses many others with the way he brings the passion and heart of one suspects, personal lyrical intent through a striking delivery to perfectly compliment the sounds.

Falter are a band you can only see bigger and greater things ahead for and one who will ignite eager anticipation for all they create, as they have with already their first EP.

Download their self titled EP for free from http://falter.bandcamp.com/album/falter

RingMaster 14/09/2012

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