Radio Room: When You’ve Made It


Vibrant and dynamic, the debut EP from Irish band Radio Room shows all the signs of a young band on the rise. Though yet to maybe find their distinct voice, the band and release captivates the ear and ignites the senses with well crafted sonic manipulations and hearty melodic invention. When You’ve Made It consists of four songs which shows immerse promise for the future and deep satisfaction right now.

From Dublin, the quartet of vocalist and guitarist Robbie Murphy, lead guitarist Collie Drennan, bassist Steven O’Neill, and Marco Persechini on drums, have made a steady impact on the local scene since forming in 2010. Their influences include the likes of Bombay Bicycle Club, Foals, and Two Door Cinema Club, who the band seem most often to be compared to, though there is also a slight eighties post punk element to their sound which drifts through thoughts as the songs tease the ear. The single There’s Only Ghosts at the end of last year, as well as the current one Functions and both included on the EP, have set attentions sweeping their way already and with When You’ve Made It one suspects Radio Room will be a band on the horizons of many more welcomingly people.

The release opens with the excellent As The World Churns, a song which instantly lights the heart with its pulsating deep bass lines and sharp tingly guitar play. Immediately infectious and enterprising with every note and vocal harmony inciting intrigue, the track leaps and bounds over the ear with an eager heart and dazzling sparks of invention. One can argue it does not offer anything startlingly new but its mesmeric charm and excitable imagination sets it apart from many similarly fuelled releases quite easily.

From the impressive and smouldering beginning the EP turns to Functions to further raise the temperature with its feisty energy and mellower caresses. It is a smart blend of restraint and keen urgency with again bass and vocals coring the magnetic sonic discord and melodic fires of the guitars. Within a framework of jabbing beats to drive the track deep the song builds with craft to a crescendo of twisting and hypnotic sounds. With the previously mentioned band as a comparison this track alone also has essences of Baddies and to a lesser extent Young Knives to its presence.

Nether prances in next to continue the fine danceable and heart rate pushing fun. The bass again stokes the fires within, its touch a probing and stirring breath within this and every song whilst the guitars once more dance with golden melodies and exquisite hooks, leading them to their fullest heights and coating them in emotive elegance lined with that disharmonic whisper.

The songs are not exactly anthemic but there is certainly something involved which has voice and heart in union with them throughout choruses and repetitive moments, the closing There’s Only Ghosts the perfect example. With a slight snarl to the bass and barracking rhythms, the song explores the senses with intelligent melodic fingerings to make the blood flow faster whilst the vocals invite participation with their uncluttered and easy to connect to delivery.

Over the four tracks there is a slight similarity on the surface to show the band is still evolving and finding their unique sound but from what is simply an impressive release one can only be excited and full of anticipation of what comes next from Radio Room.

RingMaster 13/09/2012

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