Yellowtooth: Disgust

Disgust the debut album from US rock band Yellowtooth, is one of those companions you know you are going to have great fun with but will come out of any shared mischievous escapade with plenty of deep bruising. The release is a collection of ten songs which instigates wounds as rewarding and deep as the mighty sounds on offer. It comes with no pretence just an honesty of what it is and what it wants to achieve, which is to unleash a booze soaked feast of low slung, heart borne, heavy weight sounds.

From Michigan City, Indiana, the trio of Henry McGinnis (guitar/vocals), Ed Kribs (percussion) and Peter Clemens (bass/vocals), bring a formidable blend of metal and rock swarming with the best essences of Southern rock, sludge, doom, groove, and thrash metal plus much more. It combines for a brawling stew of raw and dirty energies brought through down tuned riffs, exploitive rhythms, and snarling passion. Not always the easiest experience, its caustic breath bringing a stripping of the ear as sonically searing as a blow torch, but it is a permanent captivation which one cannot or wants to escape.

Though the band is relatively new its members has stalked senses from the nineties through numerous impressive bands such as Invasion, Skullview, Chronic Disorder, Sea Of Tranquillity, Shades Of Grey and Nocturnal Torment. That accomplished skill of experience is rife throughout the album, each song a storming fire in their distinct identities, of stirring and impressive skill from guitars and rhythms.

From the opening Wizard Dust through to the closing might of 11th Hour, the album entwines its listener in an abrasive and compulsive rampage which whether a song offers an oppressive heavy crawl or a boisterous aggressive assault upon the senses, only fully involves and engages. The first track once in its full height bitch slaps the ear with heavy treading riffs and combative rhythms alongside destructive vocal growls. The unrelenting snarl of the bass behind the excellently crafted and mesmeric grooves brings a balance and threat to the song which is outstanding. The song despite its bullying intensity is almost subtle in its unique elements and their appearance, though there is clarity when paying attention which makes their absorption easy.

Track by track the album offers no intention to take it easy on senses, the likes of the malevolent and vicious Soulstalker, the glorious ’75 Black Pontiac with its steaming red hot rock n roll passion, and the rabid Prophetic Ramblings, making every second in their company a dangerous and aurally churning onslaught as pleasurable as could wish for.

The vocals throughout take gruff into new realms and there are moments where one might have cared for some greater diversity to match that offered by the guitars but it is a mere quibble when their coarse texture work off the scorching disharmonic fires as well as they ultimately do.

Further tracks like On The Trail of Lewis Medlock and Decaying From Within ensure one is bustled down darker and weightier avenues before the release ends with the striking maelstrom of sound which is 11th Hour. The track has everything within its boundaries and all seamlessly linked, veins of classic metal, thrash, and death metal locked in triumphant union with black and doom strains of the genre. With explosive solos and yet more impressive bass sounds, the biggest highlight of the whole album, the song brings a memorable and towering end to the satisfying corruption.

The band has probably not quite created an album of the year contender with Disgust but certainly has unleashed a bear of an album which is openly inspiring and a certainty to capture vast amount of imaginations for all things Yellowtooth.

RingMaster 11/09/2011

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