Darsombra: Climax Community

Climax Community the new album from Baltimore based Darsombra, is a release which involves and fires up every one of the senses whilst igniting the mind and its thoughts into a ride of visions and emotions as twisting and inventive as the sounds forming their soundscape. You can hear, feel, see, and taste the exploratory sounds and enveloping worlds it opens up ensuring that a full immersion into its body is inevitable and welcome.

Darsombra started as a one-man project from guitarist Brian Daniloski (ex- Meatjack and Trephine) before expanding into a duo with the artistry of visual artist Ann Everton. Together their individual imagination and craft has created in the band, an audiovisual music project to impress with sounds and experiences to devour and come alive within. Released via Exile On Mainstream, Climax Community is an epic of extremes. It is meditative and disturbing, beautiful and violating, and stirringly evolving within a persistent tsunami of drone intensity. It brings a clash of points and emotions but with a seamless and worldly presence to provoke and evoke.

The album opens its journey through the earth and its wealth inspired psychedelic transcendental rock experiment with Roaming The Periphery, a track which immediately switches on all the senses with its brewing drone breath and vocal harmonics which leave sonic trails across its sky. The track is a twenty three minute caress/intrusion which leaves no aspect of its heart and of our thoughts untouched. The looming and perpetual shadows which ebb and flow over the piece are a sinister weight amongst scorched incendiary guitar manipulations, whilst their lingering drudge or abrasive scarring soaked in melodic ingenuity, is as heated and cutting as their evolving sonic kisses. It is track to lose oneself within but find oneself too, a stimulation of sound and energies to lay a feast of thoughts and personal images before.

It is a testing listen the opener though never so abrasive and unsettling that a connection is unattainable at any point. The following Green is completely different. It is a brief, in comparison to its predecessor,  acoustic delight which brings a peaceful break to the sonic trek of the album, a time of reflection and taking stock of energies before the final giant of a piece, Thunder Thighs .

An eighteen minute opus leaving with a thirty minute final consumptive drone finale, the piece brings an initial gift of melodic warmth and expressive guitar shimmering. With charged veins of energy the track ignites its atmosphere with an incendiary and sizzling flux of corrosive manipulations, incessant drone, and acidic melodic beauty, and then mesmeric sixties psychedelic fires, their flames exploring greater heights the further the song reaches out. The piece erupts with startling and imaginative expertise and invention throughout as it forges its way towards a hypnotic climax to leave one exhausted and energised.

      Climax Community is a giant of a release and as organic as its theme, a perpetually evolving and growing presence for the ear and far beyond. Arguably it will not be the most comfortable companion for many but for those who join its coarse beauty in flight; it will be one of the most rewarding.


RingMaster 09/09/2012

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