Mind Museum: Lie To Me

If you have already been impressed by UK alternative rock band Mind Museum and their previous single Rat Race and the following The Power Of Three EP of last year, than new single Lie To Me is going to blow you away. If the Bristol trio are still new to you than the single simply is the perfect way to introduce yourselves to one of the best emerging bands in British rock over the past couple of years.

Comprising of Justin E Percival (vocals/bass), Will Slater (guitar) and Chas Bacon (drums), Mind Museum has been on a steady and determined rise since its formation in 2010. They have impressively shared stages with the likes of Young Guns, Twin Atlantic, The King Blues and The Royal Republic to go alongside their well received and acclaimed releases, as well as picking up strong airplay from the likes of Total Rock, BBC Introducing, and The Reputation Radio Show and having their videos hitting great viewing figures and exposure through the likes of Kerrang TV.

Lie To Me is another step forward for the band in sound, songwriting, and stature as there have not been others to unleashing a song as potent and emotively dramatic over recent months to rival Mind Museum. Within a couple of notes the song grips tight and whispers with emotion before raging with passion though, they master the aggression and intensity and turn it into a potent energy rather than an angry assault, the impressive trade mark of the band. The guitar invention of Slater is mesmeric within the song, his incendiary play a smouldering burn on the senses whilst the vocals of Percival are the most emotive and deeply reaching to date to bring the reflective heart of the song to passionate life. His pulsating basslines are as rich as ever alongside the impressive rhythms of Bacon, and taking the song as a whole it has to be said the band has found their own unique breath to leave their rivals behind.

A band which layers their songs with passion and shadows as powerfully as they do sounds and imagination, Mind Museum have evolved into the great band they always promised, the hard work starts here as they build even greater heights for themselves.


Check out Mind Museum on The Bone Orchard podcast from The Reputation Radio Show

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