Dark Desolation: Blasphemous Pestilence

An EP full of promise from a band building a strong creative and inventive base for their sound, Blasphemous Pestilence from Indian black metalers Dark Desolation is a release well deserving of attention. A raw and festering presence upon the senses, the five track release easily shows why the band since its formation in 2010 has grabbed strong responses and focus.

The quintet from Bangalore has brewed their own style of extreme black metal with inspirations it is fair to say from the likes of Darkness, Misanthropy, and Dark Funeral. Since starting the band has gigged strongly only leaving great impressions behind them and been featured on a multitude of compilations and across varied media. Now with their debut EP released via Salute Records, their dark and consuming songs of misanthropy, blasphemy and Satanism are set for a much wider violation.

The opening song to the EP Dark Desolation, is a misleading and disappointing start. It is a straight bruising assault with little variation or enterprise to its length. It lacks anything to set it apart from other bands and black metal songs, though it is brought with accomplishment and passion. It also hides the real depth and invention of the band which is easily heard from there on in on the release. Its production is sub standard to the following tracks too and only its brief presence works in its favour.

From this uninspired start it is like another world opens up. The following Catechetical Somniloquence is an imaginative and riveting beast of a track. Its abrasive guitar start alongside venomous scalding vocals instantly grips the ear as the rhythms begin to abuse and bruise the senses. As the track continues to scour the air the band involve explosive guitar play and serpentine insistent grooves which twist and entwine around the spine of the track like sonic snakes, their melodic invention lashing out from within the blackened sprawl of intensity.

It is an excellent turn of events further elevated by Futile Dogma, the song which arguably started it all by being their first demo track. The song prowls and stalks the ear like a ravenous predator, the vocals of Maggot as nasty as they are intense whilst the drums splinter cartilage and riffs enforce whiplash upon their victims. Insanely grooved at times without losing any of its malevolence, the track is immense and along with the two tracks either side of it, indicates a flourishing destiny for the band which their promise has to live up to. The song is the blueprint to their future success one feels, the template to base their future imagination and invention upon.

The release ends with a mixed success  of Insectuous Catacombs and Secrets Of The Black Arts. The first is another to mark alongside the two triumphant songs before it, another piece of violence and poison brought with craft and thought. Though not as stunning as its predecessor the track writhes and spits at the senses with strong ideas and better realisation. The second is a cover of a Dark Funeral song and really does nothing for the band as though well presented up against their own excellent material it is nothing special.

With Blasphemous Pestilence the band have set in motion deep intrigue and anticipation for what they will bring in the future. Dark Desolation is a band to watch out for in the future and to enjoy right now.


RingMaster 03/09/2012

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