Anuryzm: Worms Eye View

Photography by Ahmed Noor

Stunning, the only word suitable for Worms Eye View, the debut album from progressive metal band Anuryzm. Actually there are plenty more which can easily be applied to and fit the deeply impressive debut album from the UAE progressive metal band, all complimentary and unbridled in their acclaim.

Worms Eye View is a striking skilled tempest of creativity, each track an eclectic explosion of energy, intensity and imagination. It and the individual songs have a diversity which is seamless and perfectly structured through immense craft and all come with a passion which fires up the senses and emotions as powerfully as the sounds themselves.

The band began in 2003 with a group of college friends in Lebanon exploring their creativity beyond an extreme metal sound into more melodically driven music. Its journey has been one to bring out the dedication and determination of the band as first it saw the moving overseas of guitarist John Bakhos and though still a part of the band, it made things more difficult. The tragic passing away of rhythm guitarist BernardMoussali then brought the band to a standstill. Living in Canada, Bakhos revived the band in 2007 with good success in the country, though his return to homeland United Arab Emirates two years later again meant another step back and changes. He then linked up with drummer Martin Lopez (Soen, Opeth, Amon Amarth)and they began working on an album with the addition of vocalist Nadeem Bibby, bassist Rami Lakkis, and guest synth player Uri Dijk (Textures, Ethereal) completing the unit for the recording. Co-produced by Miltiadis Kyvernitis who eventually joined the live band line-up, the album is a force to ignite and push standards across the whole scope of metal. Its initial release across the Middle East last October was a great success and with now a worldwide distribution via Melodic Revolution Records, is set to elevate the band to heady heights.

The outstanding Fragmenting The Soul opens up the release magnificently, its initial enveloping ambience immersing the senses before leading them into a storm of destructive riffs and death metal growls from the excellent Bibby, a vocalist who is expert at harsh and melodic tones few others can match. As the song makes its presence it becomes more and more impressive through a twisting mix of extreme, classic, and progressive might The album from a sensational start gets better and better right to its departing breath.

The following songs like Sintax Of Trinity, Skygazing, and the title track, just throw the senses into a greedy frenzy, the expansive sounds and perpetually twisting soundscapes offered continually intriguing and magnetic. They all are distinct, unique, and imaginative, the blend of muscular power and sounds brought with sheer intensity whilst the melodic and inspired progressive invention is majestically imagined and brought to life.

     Worms Eye View, as mentioned only improves the further into its heart you go. The thrilling Killing Time is a stunning construction of aggressive energy and combative riffs spliced into a wonder of melodic fire and jazz mesmerism. It is invention at its best turned into an even greater pleasure.

The album ends with, along with the just mentioned song, the best tracks on the album. First is the immense Breaking The Ballot, its giant sounds and expressive breath a towering passion of hard hitting directness and melodic beauty merged into a weave of ingenuity. The track like all on the release snarls and growls at times whilst caressing and kissing the bruises in others.

The closing epic Where Mockery Falls is just excellence realised, a song which meanders and stomps through every avenue and field metal and imagination can provide with accomplished incite and driven heart. It is a triumph which the band will find hard to exceed though on the evidence of Worm’s Eye View you would never doubt their ability to.

The album is easily one of the best heard over recent months and Anuryzm a band destined to be on the lips and in the ears of metalers worldwide.

Pete RingMaster 01/09/2012

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