Presley Johnson: Anita’s Last Dance

Presley Johnson is a Northampton based band which has been drawing sure attention their way with their vibrant and enchanting mix of pop, folk, blues, country, and 60′s influenced rock. The band release their new single Anita’s Last Dance to again capture the imagination and keep the anticipation for their second album, which they are currently working on, fresh.

Formed in 2010, Presley Johnson soon caught the imagination through the release of their debut self-titled album the following year and high profile shows within the UK and Germany. Now, as mentioned, the band is working on their full length follow-up and if the single is anything to go by it will be one pleasurable treat when it breaks into the light of day.

The quartet of Wesley Manning, Jon Martin, Andrew Miller, and Alex George, immediately entice the senses on Anita’s Last Dance, the guitars a gentle tease and tender caress upon the ear. A light folk mischief plays throughout with a big grin on its lips to match the enthused vocal harmonies and warm ambient air, and though the song gets excited and energised as it touches its chorus and climax, there is an English reserve and melodic elegance which whispers summer days. This makes for a fresh and mellow presence but with a tasty hint of rock n roll to keep things wonderfully energised.

The song comes with the companionship of My Muse, a track which is more laid back in pace but has a scuzzy edge to its breath for an expressive rock sound to light the ear. The song has more shadows than its predecessor and an agitated blues air which agreeably stirs up the senses. It is less accessible than Anita’s Last Dance, but with a deeper heart and diversity again marks the future album as one to certainly investigate.

Released via Stalkers Records, the single is a fine teaser for the future. Presley Johnson have a distinct way of fusing genres and emotions with Anita’s Last Dance being the perfect example.

RingMaster 28/08/2012

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