Cultfinder: Black Thrashing Terror EP

Released as a limited run on 7″ vinyl through Eldritch Lunar Miasma Records, the three track EP Black Thrashing Terror from UK black metalers Cultfinder is a raw and venomous festering upon the ear. It is nasty, intrusive, and scrambles across the senses like a swarm of plague ridden vermin, but most of all it a compulsion intrusion which is very satisfying.

The band consists of a trio of blackened hearts from Farnborough in the UK, in the guises of vocalist and guitarist Rob Belial, bassist Necroskull, and drummer Wilbeherit. Formed in 2010, the trio released a self titled demo on cassette last year, the first introduction for a few to their old school black metal thrash sounds. Fronted by a Mark Riddick artwork clad cover, the release welcomes one into its black depths with a cavernous atmosphere littered with rasping verbal scrawls within the start of the title track. In moments a striding expanse of dawning guitar scorches the atmosphere, its sharp melodic surges restrained yet with a searing air upon the ear. Slow beats join the fray until the song explodes into a wanton rampage of crippling rhythms, suffocating riffs and serpentine vocals of sheer vehemence. The breath of the song is heavily oppressive even with its rampant assault and smothers any light within song and senses with craft. The groove of the song is more than beckoning and though one could not say the track is infectious there is certainly a pull which ensures departure is not permissible until it has delivered its last spit of venom.

The opening guitar blistering on Archangel Burial has a punk feel which really does not stray too far away throughout the subsequent sprawling fetid thrash tempest. The production on the release is at times muddy and arguably shows up more on this track, though it also adds to the oppressive consumption so no real complaints, the rawness and primal sound only adding to the experience. Like in the opener the vocals are caustic and scarring but with a give which allows the lyrical malevolence to come through. Barely three minutes long is the track an expulsion of everything evil and everything good in the creative arsenal of the trio, the best track on the release.

Witching Curse completes the intense violation with a shifting and inventive corruption. With elements of stoner metal hitching a ride on the brooding malice and pernicious storm, the track is a ferocious and corrosive onslaught. The rasping vocals are as abrasive as the sounds and makes for a track which is the best kind of vile and again wholly impressive.

Though generally old school black metal and to a lesser extent thrash does not grab our imagination as strongly as more hybrid deviations, Black Thrashing Terror is an impressive and thoroughly enjoyable release. It will be interesting to see how Cultfinder evolve ahead; for sure there will be many of us paying close attention.

RingMaster 17/08/2012
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