Copperfox: From The Den EP

Soaked in beauty and emotion, the From The Den EP from US band Copperfox, is a release which opens doors to imagination and passion with impactful charm. The duo of Rory Mohon and Lisa Garcia, who make up the band, create and weave an atmosphere of seduction upon the senses to leave one drenched in warmth and heart sourced evocation.

There is little background at hand about the band from Portland, Oregon, but from the release it is clear to see in their twelve months or so since forming, the pair has honed their sound and craft into a thoughtful and imaginative conjuration of distinct expression and tender sounds for the fullest effect. The four tracks which make up From The Den are glorious enveloping creations which deeply immerse the listener in ambience and emotion. Their touch is gentle but full, a mesmerism which lingers long after their final wave of notes. Mohon and Garcia blend a provocative mix of alternative indie pop with a smell of country and scent of folk, it is a sweetly infectious result which stirs rather than riles thoughts and emotions but pulls a strong response nevertheless.

The release opens with the wonderful James, a track which offers an eloquence and caress rarely heard. The story within is brought with an initial country lilt which evolves into a shadowed electro pop kiss. The vocals of Garcia are an instant enchantment whose grip tightens the more words and sounds slip from her lips. Her vocals seduce and stroke the ear with the agitated melodics of guitar and keys providing a crisp backdrop of sound. The song has a pervading shadow in its background, though the heated sounds invite reaction rather than being in any way forceful, always offering a respectful stroke upon the senses. Over the release there is a slight sinister edge to the sounds of Mohon which keep the shadows in play though on the outside of things. It is a striking and inventive introduction to Copperfox let alone the EP, which ignites a connection long into the future.

The following Lover lights its skies with emotive guitar play and the delicious soaring vocals of Garcia once again. It burns with beacon like brilliance against the darker atmosphere which is evoked throughout the song. Touching and heartfelt, the track dances on the ear with a pleading intensity whilst walking the edge of sorrow. Again like the opener it offers a delicate and bewitching arm around the shoulders but as with all the songs there is an undeniable strength.

The release is completed by the chilled and crisp sounds of We Know with its resourceful melodic fires and Be Careful, a track with a refined breath and haunting distressed air. Both in diverse ways twist and stretch with deep feelings and thick emotion, the first with a pop eagerness and the latter within a mist of biting shadows and thoughts.

The four songs show the depth and expanse in imagination, songwriting, and its realisation which only impresses more and more they are allowed to grace the ear. The music takes one on journeys which are intimate and as mentioned stay within far past their last whisper has drifted into the distance.

Copperfox are working on their following EP as you read and after From the Den, the anticipation could not be any stronger.

RingMaster 17/08/2012

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