Apache Gunship: Unleash

If you read that Apache Gunship is a thrash metal band then take it with a pinch of salt. Well to be fair they do have an aggressive core to their sound which is pure thrash but with an insatiable progressive heart to their music as well as an apparent exploratory hunger, the band and their debut single Unleash, only leaves one thoroughly impressed.

The quartet from Larne in Northern Ireland, take their influences from the likes of Metallica, Slayer, Anthrax, Testament, Exodus, Dream Theater, and Children of Bodom, to name a few. A band for only six months and making their debut live appearance on August 17th, Unleash makes an instant declaration of a band with enormous potential and promise. The fact that just one song can inspire such strong feeling shows just how impressive it really is.

Unleash announces its arrival with celestial harmonies and a melodic stroking of the guitar before exploding into an inferno of destructive riffs and guttural growls. It is immediately mouth watering, guitarist Aaron Gowdy churning treacle thick riffs over with an intensity which is near crippling whilst bassist Jamie Mills ravenously chews on the ear with deep predatory basslines. It is powerful and concussive especially with the rhythms of drummer Scott Rodd knocking ten bells out of the senses with precision and venom. If this was all the song had to offer one would be satisfied but the band do not deal in the same stock as most other thrash bands and soon vocalist Warren Boyd from his rabid growls produces an excellent clean delivery to temper the persistent onslaught. It is unpredicted and welcomingly enterprising as is the seamless turn into a progressive aspect. With guitar and bass skilfully expressive and teasing every facet out of their notes it is a jaw dropping and inciteful twist, enhanced by the vocals of Boyd finding yet another distinct approach to impress with as do the great harmonies behind. The track emerges into its rampaging corruption again to add a climax as immense as its introduction to the ear. Once the final concussive note has smashed against flesh, feeling breathless and glowing with respect is the order of the hour.

The intent from the band is to try and release a one track a month until they assemble an album which makes the anticipation already feverish and impatient for their next imaginative assault. With a band like Apache Gunship there is no option or decision to take other than to go check them out and with Unleash being a free download the only surprise is you are still here.


Ringmaster 16/08/2012

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