Makoto: Another Generation

Photo by Ben Beech

A notable exponent and innovator in drum and bass Japanese producer Makoto Shimizu, better known as simply Makoto, releases his first EP on Apollo Records in the mesmeric shape of Another Generation. The four track release is an imaginative and soulful electronic piece of composing which lights up the senses from beginning to end. It has a distinct heart and inventive breath which without fail inspires thoughts and imagery at every turn.

It has to be said we have no real knowledge or previous understanding of drum and bass or the technical elements which Makoto utilises and explores so well but as just music the release leaves one with strong and vibrant emotions and for us how music makes you feel outweighs how it is made so that is what we will share.

Makoto since his debut album Human Elements in 2003 on Good Looking Records, the seminal imprint of legend LTJ Bukem, has created acclaimed and inspirational soul and jazz flavoured sounds and the new release is no different. The tracks on Another Generation are living and evolving pieces with individual hearts and energy. The EP is electronic contemplation brought to life, a dawning energy which envelops and feeds the imagination.

The release opens with the title track and instantly switches on firm attention to its magnetic gait. As the track brews and emerges into its full height the beats scurry over the ear with incessant persistence, an irresistible itch which within you find the deepest pleasures. The melodies swarm and stroke the ear with dazzling elegance, their crystalline sunspots mini explosions within the ear which collect to form an ambient instigator of emotions. They make one think of and feel good times in the now and ahead, though the closing wave of the song carries a slight but noticeable shadow.

Summer Nights follows and brings a marvellous journey of atmospheric warmth. Once more the beats leave their persistent footprints upon the senses whilst the synths ignite the skies with glowing melodic invention and heated enterprise. The jazzy flight of the song with its soaring caresses takes one in to the deep balmy climes of the darkening hours, the departing sunset leaving last strokes of pleasure before evolving into a brand new world of thrilling energy. Close your eyes and the track is like listening to the night on fast forward, its life flowing at an industrious pace.

The release is completed by the arpeggio study 73 and the inciteful Skyline. The first is a short and shimmering piece of sound, the keys ebbing and flowing with an enthused yet meditative presence. It again fires up the senses into a realm of warmth to lead into the mixed emotive touch of Skyline. At times the piece has one amongst the skies sweeping within rays of light and in other moments a haunting and sinister mood wraps itself around thoughts and impressions. The great thing about the tracks on the release is though they suggest and represent the intentions of their author they leave a freedom to find our own colourful landscape to each journey.

As mentioned we have no depth to our understanding of the genre which forms the nucleus to the creativity of Mokoto but we know what we like and what brings a fire to senses and thoughts. The Another Generation EP does that skilfully and with class.

RingMaster 09/08/2012

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