Terror Empire – Face The Terror


There is always a hint of excitement when another Portuguese band is sent through for a possible review, metal from the country definitely on a real high right now. Terror Empire is another to be introduced to us and yet again another to leave only great impressions and satisfaction in their wake. Face The Terror the debut album from Terror Empire is a mighty concussive joy of thrash metal brought with invention and harsh melodic enterprise. It is a riveting release for ear and senses, a perpetually evolving storm of sound and ideas which leaves one breathless and eager for much more.

The band was formed in 2009 by Ricardo Martins (vocals), Rui Alexandre (guitar), and Rui Puga (bass) after the demise of their previous band August. They soon added drummer Gonçalo Marques and guitarist Sérgio Alves to the ranks and began working on writing songs. Shared stages with the likes of Pitch Black, Switchtense, Seven Stitches, Angriff, and R.D.B. to name a few has brought a strong and ever growing following their way, their trash metal drenched in the inspiring additives of groove and varied metal flavourings, tightly catching hold. The album is an impressive show of the multifaceted thrash assault the band produce, its sounds unpredictable and absorbingly inventive.

Dirty Bomb opens up proceedings with an initially slow burning entrance which soon gathers pace until it is consuming the ear with riotous riffs and crushing rhythms. Once in full flow the track barracks constantly with grooved melodics and an unstoppable hunger to ignite the senses. It is insatiable as it ruptures the air with startling diversions to the song and sonic explosions from the guitars, all firing within the storming thrash intensity. There is nothing predictable about the song and ultimately the album. Admittedly it nor the album open vastly new areas for the genre but it is fair to say it is hard to think of any recent thrash release as imaginative and refreshing as Face The Terror.

The following Elements, with its swarming grooves and excellent caustic vocals from Martin heightened by the intermittent group shouts, is outstanding. The track is as rampant as a dog in heat and just as relentless, it’s pummelling intensity and ferocious delivery is irresistible and impressively creative. Again Terror Empire go places most other trash bands cannot even imagine let alone emulate and it makes for a continually enterprising and inspiring involvement.

There is only one time things do not quite work out as well on the album and that is with Redemptive Punishment. The song is a treat and again striving to offer something distinct in sound and intent but at times its chaotic maelstrom of ideas and aggression loses the potency and sharpness of the other tracks. It is a minor niggle as it still outshines many songs elsewhere but against the quality of the other five tracks here it falls slightly short.

The release is soon firing on all cylinders again with the stunning barrage of The Brave. Like standing in a wind tunnel of sand the track is as intently abrasive as it is deliberate in pulling the ear through its squall of blistering thrash and metal. Venom and violence is in full flow whilst the creativity as ever is undeniable in what is a further highlight on a continually impressive release.

Submission By Fear and last song Last Fire not only complete the album  but turn the heat up even higher with their incendiary display of ferocious grooves and explosive melodic intrusive play, especially in the first of the pair. Both leave one gasping at the yet to be realised promise of the band and the already highly accomplished control and sound they bring right now.

As the impossibly infectious grooves of the closer ring around the ear one can only be impressed and eager to hear much more from the band which undoubtedly we will as they surely become one of the future powerhouses of worldwide trash metal. For now though we suggest going over to http://www.terrorempire.net/ and grabbing this excellent album for free.

RingMaster 07/08/2012

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  1. Thanks, man. Cheers!
    Rui Alexandre


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