Lizzie Nightingale – Tiny Teardrops

Lizzie Nightingale is a singer songwriter hailing from Glasgow who is beginning to stir up some real attention and enthusiasm to her inventive and delightful sounds. Her new EP Tiny Teardrops, is set to bring her to wider attention as it offers up something ripe with unexpected delights and joyful enterprise. It is a weave of harmonies and melodic grace brought with an air and ambience which ruffles the air around the sure elegance of the songwriting and its realisation. It is a surprising treat to be honest, one’s assumptions challenged and shown a uniqueness and imagination to be admired.

With her informative years soaked in the sounds of artists like Eurythmics, Kate Bush, David Bowie, and a healthy dose of Motown through her singer/performer Mother, Lizzie Nightingale released a collection of demo tracks which drew strong support from BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio 2 and Galaxy FM and went on to sell thousands in the UK and Japan. Recently she has been working alongside Gary Powell of The Libertines. Tiny Teardrops sees her stepping out once more into a solo spotlight with her evolved and distinct sound.

The EP opens with the mesmeric Alone, its instant presence an ear spotting cloak of crystal melodies followed by warm orchestral arms. The song skips with an emotive heart which captivates throughout, the voice of Nightingale lighting the atmosphere with its classy tones and the strings behind her igniting deeper pleasures. There is a simplicity to the song within its expansive presence with further endears to make a track which leaves one tingling in delight.

The following Footsteps is a concentrated ballad, its expression and emotion dripping from every note and syllable. Vocally Nightingale has a wavering to her sound which flutters with power but also brings an extra emotive breath to an already touching song. The track shows clearly the lyrical and songwriting skill of the artist and her ability to light up the senses whilst evoking strong thoughts and affection.

The title track again has an uncomplicated essence which tantalises and at times hypnotises whilst its sweeping charm is undeniably infectious. As it progresses the song becomes even more addictive its reserved energy streaking into enthused breaths of melodic hooks and unbridled beauty. Best song on the release it fully shows the talent of Nightingale.

Sparkle and Lights both caress the ear with a sure and gentle touch brought with eruptions of increased energy and heart borne passion. Again as in all songs Nightingale employs unpredictable sounds and unique asides to explore the heart of the compositions to fire up stronger affection for her music. It is imaginative and skilfully brought together to make a release in Tiny Teardrops which startles and gratifies in equal measure.

Completed by a remix of Alone by Matty ‘Parka’ Thomson and Sparkle by Team Tartan, Tiny Teardrops is an impressive and pleasing EP to mark Lizzie Nightingale as an artist destined for great things. Check out the EP @ and enjoy.

RingMaster 07/08/2012

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