The BellaDonnas – Serial Love

It is debatable whether any aspect of music is truly dangerous any more but there are bands which certainly add a bite and presence to keep one on their toes and the newest addition to that roll call comes in the shape of all girl quartet The BellaDonnas from Saskatoon, Canada. Releasing their debut song  Serial Love the band bring a fresh and formidable snarl to punk which leaves one eager and desperate to hear much more sooner rather than later.

Consisting of Zelda BellaDonna Zonk (vocals, guitar), Rebecca Corvette (bass, vocals), Morgue-Atory (guitar, vocals) and Betty Black Plague (drums), the band has been riling up and sending shivers down the spine of their hometown and state with their riotous live shows but now with the track and a forthcoming EP, the band look ready to take their aggressive attitude much further afield.

Serial Love opens with a resonating emotive guitar sound alongside lone vocals from Zelda and immediately it has a dark mystique with an air of venom. From an enveloping psychobilly sound the song erupts into a tempered but enthused stomp, the riffs and rhythms barracking the ear with a feisty menace and bruising intent. The song brings elements of the likes of The Distillers, The Cramps, L7, and Spinnerette with more than a whisper of ’77 punk via The Damned into its own distinct well of growling sounds. The guitars flay the ear throughout with irresistible results whilst the beats of Plague take command from their first appearance to the end to own the senses.

Lyrically the song is as direct and intimidating as its premise and when Zelda asks ‘…do I scare you, do I send shivers down your spine’ the body gives an instant answer.  The track does not open massive new doors for punk/horror punk but definitely adds something refreshing and vital which arguably has been missing from certainly all girl and female fronted bands since the demise of L7 and the prolonged silence from Spinnerette.

Serial Love ignites great anticipation for the first EP from The BellaDonnas which at the time of posting was planned for a September/October release. Punk has new avenging angels ready to take on the world, and all should be afraid, very afraid whilst loving every minute as one completely does with the four which make up this excellent song.

RingMaster 02/08/2012

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