The Amputees – Commence The Slaughter

US punk n roll band The Amputees first came to our notice with their excellent contribution to the We Love Trash compilation album from Garage Punk Hideout, with their growling middle finger up slice of feistiness Ted. September 1st sees the release of the debut EP from the band Commence The Slaughter, an EP which sees more of the same eagerly given as well as other unexpected pleasures. Raw and mischievous, it teases and antagonises with equal relish to leave one quite spoilt.

The band has members from several states and consists of Louis Ramos (vocalist/guitarist) who is based in Harlem, Gary Young (guitar) from the Bronx, Kaleen Reading (drums/guitar) from New Jersey, Carrie Ramos (tambourine/vocals) from Long Island, and Geena Spigarelli (bassist/vocals) out of Texas. Also in the band there is half Brit half Ecuadorian Nova Luz (vocals/guitar/bass) and Juliet Eldred (guitar/bass) to make for a multi flavoured energised unit.

The EP consists of four songs which offer a diverse canvas of ideas and sounds to enjoy. The title track is a dirty garage rock n roll scowl upon the ear, its combative punk rock breath lined with a melodic discord which makes it as infectious as it is belligerent. Far too brief to give a slightly moan, the song is a grizzled joy to rile up the senses.

Beater is a similar attitude loaded track with an in your face stance within a storm of electrified energy. Ramos growls with perfect spite whilst the female vocals behind liven up the air with an added wickedness. A punk song of the highest order it makes a strong claim as best song on the release.

It is closely challenged though by the excellent fiery rock crawl of Devil With The Red Dress. The song swaggers with lust and wanton urges whilst its melodies lick their lips with insatiable eagerness. The song shows the full diversity in the band and their rock based sound, its scorched energy incendiary and a completely different variant to the punk which infused other songs. It is impossible to tell you who actually contributes what on each song apart from Ramos, but simply the band is a collective of musicians able to equally bring quality to songs, and this song yet another example of invention and raw rock music at its best.

The fourth song to complete the release is Lunch, a strange and to be honest still hard to get a handle on song in relation to the other tracks. It is a subdued almost folk shadowed dark song with just female vocals and a hollow sound, slightly Pixies like if a comparison is sought. Though it does not really fit with the other tracks it is intriguing and offers again a variety to the music of The Amputees which only ignites interest.

Commence The Slaughter is an excellent debut from an exciting emerging band. If garage rock, punk, and unwashed rock is your type of joy than The Amputees could just be your new best friends.

RingMaster 28/07/2012

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In Clear Sight – Fuck Fairytales, This is Reality

Belgium hardcore/metal band In Clear Sight deliver a fully satisfying bruising upon the senses with their debut album Fuck Fairytales, This is Reality to reinforce the growing respect and positive responses which have been gathering around them. Released through Clenched Fist Records the release like its title suggests is an honest no messing slab of truth and intensity which is as direct and aggressive as you could ask for.

Formed in 2010, the Antwerp band have brought a reputation for impressive and lively shows which have seen them play alongside the likes of In Blood We Trust, Providence, Onesta, The Setup, 8control, and Screaming Silence to name a few, across their homeland. Line-ups changes occurred early on but once the current union of vocalists Roger Junior De Koning and Kenny Thys, guitarists Tom ‘rosse’ Van Bouwel and Tijs Hostyn, bassist Yannick ‘yakke’ van de Venne, and Gael Renier on drums was in place the band began to make a bigger noise which was noticed further, something the album will surely accelerate.

Influences for the sextet include bands like Terror, Wall Of Jericho and Hatebreed, which with the hardcore spicery of a Madball and Sick Of It All are vibrantly open in their music. The songs on Fuck Fairytales, This is Reality are confrontational and provocative to leave one in no doubt to their intent and views. Lyrically they deal with the corruptive situations and politics in world, social, and personal lives with an in your face and challenging stance. In Clear Sight is not the most brutal band around nor do they make music to extinguish the breath within the body, but with an accomplished skill and craft their music is as violent and provocatively intrusive as can be heard anywhere.

Off of the splintered intro, a piece which seems there to soften up the senses for the main assault, the album explodes into life with Divinity. One of the best songs on the album it jabs and slaps the ear into submission with finely crafted and precisely placed ebbs and flows of intensity. The attacking twin vocals of De Koning and Thys are outstanding and pleasing, both unleashing individual degrees of caustic and scouring growls and shouts to stay clear of the clean and dirty mix of attacks so many bands now employ. The rhythms of Renier are equally impressive whilst the riffs and thunderous energy of the song leaves one stirred and bristling with enjoyment.

The following Back In The Day and Big Boy surge with a sheer potency of power and skill raising the excitement further. The first stomps all over the ear with a punk toned hardcore rifling through the senses, like an agitated bear, burly and intent on damage, the track is a controlled yet mighty fury. It is succeeded by a less intense but equally testing assault in Big Boy. With melodic spirals veining the forceful intent the song shows diversity to the release and songwriting as a whole. It never strays from the aggressive heart of the band but brings fresh well crafted ideas to bring more originality than other similar powered bands.

The rampaging We Count You Out and Struggle For Life add their own formidable weight and strengths to the album but further bigger highlights come in the shape of the excellent melodic instrumental The Silence and the closing tower of abuse which is Crucial Pain. The first is a wonderfully composed and emotive piece of music, its atmosphere as enveloping and powerful in beauty and intelligent invention as others are in anger and vehemence. The elegant piano play coring the tune is pure expression and further shows the skill of the band and possible fields of diversity ahead. The final song simply rips a whole in the fabric of safety with its crushing ominous presence. Certainly the most antagonistic and muscular song on show it is a near crippling end to the album to leave one looking ahead at the band with an eagerness as strong as it is for diving right back into the torrent of abuse just welcomingly felt.

Fuck Fairytales, This Is Reality is not an album to take the band to the top step of the genre but without doubt will open up much more in their immediate future m. It is an album to set in motion something impressive not only for In Clear Sight but for European hardcore music as well.

RingMaster 28/07/2012

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Pablo Nouvelle – You Do Me Wrong

You Do Me Wrong the new single from Pablo Nouvelle is the follow up to his previously well received debut single Is It OK. From Berne, the artist is still relatively unknown but is slowly and surely building a receptive and enthusiastic following to his soulful and uncomplicated passion coated sounds. The new single builds from his debut to further set Nouvelle as an intriguing emerging talent.

Pablo Nouvelle is the alter ego Swiss film maker and musician Fabio Friedli, the name inspired from French architect Jean Nouvel and the Nouvelle Vauge films of the sixties. Nouvelle studied animation at Lucerns Art School, winning several awards at global film festivals for his graduation film Bon Voyage. Musically he beganproducing hip hop beats which led to his discovery and love of soul music from the sixties and seventies. With influences from the likes of Marvin Gaye, Radiohead, John Frusciante, Gill Scott Heron, Wu-tang Clan and The XX adding spicery to his music, Nouvelle has created his own distinct if not yet ground breaking style which offers as much promise ahead as full satisfaction now.

You Do Me Wrong is a slowly pacing groove of emotive breath and chilled ambience. With the stripped down production and presence Nouvelle is becoming known for, the song is a sultry whisper for the senses and an impassioned kiss upon the ear. There is a raw ambience and feel to the song which plays like a personal cinematic moment and the repetitive nature of many elements makes it a track which has a subtle invitation to its energy rather than forcing itself upon its recipients.  It is a slow burner which gradually overwhelms until it has its hypnotic hold firmly set to give a lingering pleasure throughout.

The song is accompanied by Be True To Me, a similarly structured track with a soul soaked heart and minimal weight. It lacks the infectious elements of its leader to remain in thought after its departure but still makes for a warm and pleasing experience. As with the first the sexual caress of the song is unmissable vocally and musically and though the lyrics are not the most striking or inciteful the combination of all aspects within the track places a heated touch on the senses throughout the length of the song.

The single is not one which will ignite raging fires in the heart but as a low key romantic soundtrack to the sharing of souls it sets the mood very nicely.

RingMaster 28/07/2012

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the blueveils – Out Of The Blue EP

The Out Of The Blue EP from UK rock band the blueveils is a release which makes no demands but gives plenty of enjoyable sounds to spend time with. With no disrespect to the quintet the EP suggests they are a band with no real urge to leap into new and ground breaking musical adventures but is perfectly comfortable with the steady and eager rock n roll they make. This makes the band and release an instant friend to the ear from the very start with sounds which whilst having a sure familiarity are engineered from their own design.

Consisting of vocalist Will Jackson, guitarist Craig Kirrane, bassist Adrian Rhoades, drummer Martin Kirrane, and recent addition second guitarist Sean Durkan, the Harrow band has made a solid name for themselves throughout London, lighting up the likes of Water Rats, Barfly, and Dublin Castle to name a few as well as other notable venues around the UK. Out Of The Blue shows what the band is all about and why they have strong respect towards them with its quartet of well crafted and presented songs.

I Am Karma opens up the release and immediately has one involved with a roving pulsating bass, keen guitar play and group vocal harmonies which add an anthemic air to the song. The riffs are crisp and melodies warmly inviting in a track which has toes and voice soon playing their part in the interaction.

The following Come My Way has a rawer and feistier breath to its approach which though it is rock n roll has the edgy raw surface of seventies punk. Offering a riled up groove and near ignitions of explosive intensity the more attitude loaded song, like its predecessor makes an easy companion for the ear. At times one wishes the song would move into the heavier and harsher places it teasingly suggests it is heading for throughout its length but even with its restraint the track is strong and satisfying.

The variety the band has in their songbook is shown with Dirty Tricks, a slow weave of melodic prowess but arguably unfulfilled promise. The strings addition is excellent and brings a full emotive passion to the song which again is one which threatens to find a riot within its midst. It does though hold back in many other moments to leave it slightly hollow, it seemingly holding back or reluctant to expand on the promise brewing within its crafted body.  It is though still a good song to keep the consistently of the release on a strong level.

The best track Bolivia closes the EP with fine style. From its opening bulging bassline and strolling riffs the song swaggers with confidence and keenness through the ear. Like previous songs it has that catchiness which is hard to refuse and soon has limbs playing its tune to make for a strong finish to the release.

the blueveils to make a major impression on UK music really needs to cultivate its own distinct breed of sound but as the Out Of The Blue EP proves right now they certainly leave satisfaction in their wake.

RingMaster 28/07/2012

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