Jump Ship Quick: Where Thieves Cannot Tread

With almost a sense of stepping back in time the debut album from punk band Jump Ship Quick slams through the ear and pounces on the senses like a veteran release of melodic uncompromising thought poking punk rock. Normally yet another band trying to re-energise and rehash the sounds which the likes of Pennywise, NOFX, and CIV made their own is not one to ignite the emotions no matter how good they are. Jump Ship Quick though with Where Thieves Cannot Tread have something extra to make a fully pleasing release which through arguably is over long length easily captures the imagination more often than not.

Formed in 2005 by guitarist Jeff and drummer J, the trio with vocalist Harry has a more than decent pedigree with the likes of Focused and Ultimatum in their history as well as other bands which lit up the Vancouver punk scene. Now Colorado based the band unleash their debut album, a release which certainly marks the band as one to keep in full view ahead. Produced by Five Iron Frenzy saxophonist Leanor Till and mixed/mastered by Masaki Liu (Five Iron Frenzy, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, The Echoing Green and The W’s), the release is a well presented and lively album which with ease draws one into its eager and feisty energy. The seventeen tracks on offer including a hidden song, as mentioned even in their relatively brief timings do border on over staying their welcome. This is not down to quality but an unmistakable similarity across a few of the songs and the thought that a cut down album would have been more potent is strong by its end, when the songs do hit the sweet spot though the album is a fully satisfying and hard to pull away from release. Originality is maybe sparse overall though Jump Ship Quick bring their music with an accomplishment and enthused intent to leave similar sounding bands in their shade and occasionally the faith driven and morally ‘lecturing’ lyrical presence ventures too far in to preachy to avoid bristling the senses.  Musically the band has it fully loaded and firing throughout though with intelligent infectious melodies and hooks unleashed with an unrelenting passion and craft to brew an attention which is beyond many similar veined and driven bands.

Released in combination with Punk Roxx Records and Thumper Punk Records the album erupts with full contagion through opener Through The Ears. The song stomps with anthemic riffs and unbridled bruising rhythms for a storm of irrepressible and completely engaging rock n roll. The vocals of Harry are direct and uncomplicated, fully earnest in passion and intent to mark all the songs no matter their individual success. The song is a brief and controlled pounding unwilling to grab or allow a breath to be taken in its presence and a wonderful start to the release.

   Next Mask On Greed has one captured from its immediate barbed hook and pulsating bass probing of the senses. From this very CIV like start the song expands in to a coarser though no less energetic assault which loses some of the effectiveness of its opening but still has one more than contented in its midst.

The album is a journey of peaks and lulls to some extent and though the distant between the two is not vast it is more noticeable because of the heights tracks like Here Comes The Clowns and Not My Fault reach whilst others like the pleasing He Must Increase and Hollywouldn’t have a similar breath which defuses their effect. Here Comes The Clowns is a definite winner from its snarling bass and ear blistering muscular riffs to the antagonistic rhythms and vocals. Throughout the album the group shouts and vocals hit the sweet spot and no more than on this riot of a song. With teasing melodies and enticing hooks the track leaves nothing but addiction in its wake.

Songs like the Shelter spiced As We Overcome, the highly charged musically and lyrically Killing For Convenience, and the stalking defiant Clueless But Not Hopeless leave further triumphs within the ear whilst I Defy Your Violence with its venomous predatory bass and united aggressive stand takes the top honour for the album and ignites a hope this is where the band drive their future sound, its snarling and raw yet well defined assault outstanding.

Where Thieves Cannot Tread is an album all punk fans need to make acquaintance with. It may not take one into new ventures but within it Jump Ship Quick more than light up the senses with some fine and satisfying examples of punk rock. A little more consistency and the emergence of their distinct flavouring and the band may set new levels for punk rock.

RingMaster 24/07/2012

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